Hankook Kinergy Eco tyres

The Hankook Kinergy Eco has been designed with both the environment and driver comfort in mind. C rated for fuel efficiency, this is a more environmentally-friendly tyre that is made using new materials and technology resulting in lower CO2 emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

This highly durable tyre includes larger shoulder blocks to maintain an even contact area with the road. Optimised vibration control technology and an asymmetric tread pattern provide a smoother a quieter ride. Lateral shoulder grooves offer improved handling on both dry and wet roads, and the wide three channel grooves efficiently channel the water away.

To buy new Hankook Kinergy Eco tyres today simply enter your tyre size into the search tool above and select Hankook as your brand. Alternatively you can call our national sales team on 0800 028 9000 seven days a week.

Hankook Kinergy Eco reviews

The Hankook Kinergy Eco perfectly combines comfort, durability and value for money. Improved handling and wet braking capabilities mean that this Hankook tyre has achieved a B rating for wet grip in EU Legislation tests.