Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 2

 If you are looking for a tyre that performs well all year round, especially in wet conditions, the Goodyear Vector Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 24Seasons Gen 2 is a top choice.

Designed to meet challenging winter road conditions while also being a true all-season tyre, the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 2 offers exceptional performance in wet weather.

Billed as the perfect year round tyres for the UK climate, Goodyear drew on over 30 years of all-season tyre innovation, consumer insights and OE fitment experience to produce a tyre that lived up to expectations.

The benefits include excellent wet road performance and traction for all road conditions.

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 2 Accolades

 The eagerly-awaited Goodyear Vector 4Season Gen 2 was showered with awards and plaudits shortly after its launch in 2015.

Auto Express all-weather tyre test 2015.  The Vector 4Seasons Gen 2 came within 1.2% of taking to top spot in this influential test and was awarded a ‘recommended” rating.  It took pole position in the west braking, wet handling and wet circle tests, along with rolling resistance.

According to Auto Express: “For many motorists, it (Vector4Seasons Generation 2) may well be the preferred choice thanks to its excellent wet road performance – the most common conditions for UK winters. It won all the shallow water tests, which are the hazards drivers face most during the colder months.

Independent test by TUV Süd showed that the tyre is a leader on snow with 12% shorter braking distance on snowy roads as compared to the average of its competitors. In the same tests, the Vector4Seasons also showed 19% more traction grip on snow and a 13% shorter braking distance on icy roads compared to the average of its competitors.

Technical Information

  • Section Width: 155- 225 mm
  • Rim Diameter: 13- 17 inch
  • Load Rating: 75-94
  • Speed Rating: T/H/V