Firestone tyres

Henry Ford knew where to turn when he needed tyres for his new invention, the Model T. His good friend Harvey Firestone had just started a tyre business. Thus the company which bears Firestone’s name became the motor industry’s first original equipment supplier.

Firestone has become a trusted research and development ally for many of America’s major motor manufacturers. The company also has a huge commitment to US motor racing. The country’s most famous motor race, the Indianapolis 500, was first run in 1911. Since then, two-thirds of its winners have been equipped with Firestone tyres.

Not all of Firestone’s extensive range of tyres is available in the UK. However, British motorists have consistently given the brand favourable reviews. A key reason for this is the brand’s value in the competitive ‘mid-range’ price bracket.

Firestone’s Multihawk tyre is a good all-rounder for smaller cars such as the Ford Focus or Fiat Punto. It offers reliable braking performance in wet and dry conditions and a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride. Customer feedback indicates that these tyres are a hardwearing option with high steering and handling precision.

Firestone’s TZ 300 tyre is designed for medium- or larger-sized cars. In most fittings it comes with a ‘B’-rating for wet grip under EU labelling regulations. This tyre, too, has earned praise for its robust and reliable all-round performance. It is another Firestone product which does not come at the price level of a premium brand tyre. These tyres are designed to combine extended durability with excellent braking and safety qualities on wet as well as dry roads. Their softer side wall ensures comfort and excellent roadholding in all driving conditions. A broad range of sizes is available, including many in run-flat formats.

The Firehawk range from Firestone represents a sportier option for drivers of higher-performance cars. These are tyres which offer a precise steering response in dry conditions and reliability and predictability in the wet. Another good all-rounder, this is a further Firestone product to earn praise in independent and consumer tests for durability and value for money. These tyres offer high levels of handling control on both wet and dry roads. Additionally, their excellent aquaplaning prevention ability is a further plus for safety-conscious drivers.

The Destination HP is Firestone’s flagship tyre for 4×4 and SUV drivers. It is designed to provide great levels of stability and control in poor weather and on wet roads. It also offers a long tyre life. It is engineered for low rolling resistance, meaning better fuel consumption. In most fittings this tyre is ‘B’-rated for wet grip, making it a safe as well as cost-effective option for fitting to many different 4×4 vehicles.