Falken tyres

Established in 1983, Japanese brand Falken is a solid mid-range tyre choice for many motorists. It has strong links with many areas of motorsport. The company cites research and development from different racetrack environments as key influences on its design of tyres for road-going passenger cars. In recent years Falken has been awarded original equipment status by a range of manufacturers in the country’s homeland of Japan. Among them are Subaru, Suzuki and Nissan.

The Ziex ZE914 tyre combines sporty performance with comfort and economy. In most sizes, this tyre scores ‘A’ or ‘B’-ratings for wet grip. Volkswagen recently announced that it will be fitting it to many Passat models in both standard and ‘Ecorun’ formats. This tyre is competitively-priced compared to many branded rivals. It features a relatively hard compound, which gives it increased durability and provides high standards of handling response. The Ziex ZE912 is effectively the same tyre but designed for use on smaller cars, including hatchbacks and small saloons.

Both tyres have scored well in customer reviews for their long life and wet-weather performance and are available in run-flat formats

Falken’s Sincera range of tyres is designed for small city cars and family hatchbacks. It is factory-fitted to the Volkswagen Up! city car. These tyres are designed to offer economy, comfort and safety to drivers of similarly-sized cars. They feature a new silica compound, designed to offer increased grip and performance in the wet and a longer tyre life.

The EuroAll Season is a new tyre from Falken, designed for year-round use. It offers high levels of braking and cornering performance in dry and wet conditions alike. This tyre has been built with an all-new rubber compound which features extra silica to provide exceptional grip and handling on wet roads. It also offers traction and safer braking in light snow and has a special sidewall ingredient to prolong tyre life through changing seasons.

Falken’s Azenis tyre is designed to deliver the correct speed and load variants for sportier and high-performance SUVs. This tyre was developed specifically for this market segment and is a popular fitting on the Range Rover Evoque.