Dunlop SportMaxx RT

The Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT is designed to provide high performance and sports cars with a motorsport level of Dunlop Sport Maxx RTgrip and braking to provide a dynamic driving experience.

Dunlop has drawn on its extensive motorsport experience, which has seen it provide race tyres for decades, combined with its passion for advancing the everyday driving experience to deliver the SP SportMaxx RT.

Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT Benefits

  • MotorSports derived polymers adapt to the road surface, maximising road contact and increasing grip
  • Huge outer shoulder blocks help to enhance stability and handling when cornering
  • Shorter braking distances at motorway speeds due to Dunlop’s innovative Short Braking blocks
  • Lightweight construction reduces rolling resistance to boost fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions

Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT Awards

Auto Express UK Top Tyres 2013 saw the Dunlop SportMaxx RT achieve a highly creditable third place in the annual challenge, after completing nine performance tests.  It earned the comment: “High mileage drivers would do well to consider the SportMaxx RT”, due to its quiet ride and success in the rolling resistance test.

 Technical Information

  • Section Width: 195 – 335 mm
  • Rim Diameter: 16 – 22 inch
  • Load Rating: 25 – 55
  • Speed Rating: V/W/Y