Dunlop Sport BluResponse

 An award-winning tyre that boasts performance criteria far exceeding those of the EU tyre label, the Dunlop Sport Dunlop Sport BluResponseBluResponse is a favourite with motorists looking for excellent handling and a comfortable, quiet ride.

It boasts 30 per cent fuel economy improvement of the model it replaced in Dunlop’s range, the popular FastResponse, due to its aerodynamic shape and low head compound which work to reduce rolling resistance.

Dunlop Sport BluResponse Benefits

  • Polymer compound gives better grip and handling on wet roads
  • Large central grooves in tread evacuate water efficiently, reducing the risk of aquaplaning
  • Closed shoulder grooves ensure lower noise

Dunlop Sport BluResponse Awards

Auto Express gave the Dunlop BluResponse its 2015 Product Award for Best Summer Tyre after it achieved six top three places in the nine testing categories.

The UK’s best selling motoring weekly commented the tyre was: “clearly designed with EU labels in mind (with highly rated fuel efficiency and wet grip characteristics)…yet Dunlop engineers haven’t ignored other performance attributes”.

Auto Express 2014 Best Tyres Award winner and given a coveted Which? ‘Best Buy’ award in the same year.

Technical Information

  • Section Width: 185 – 225 mm
  • Rim Diameter: 14 – 17 Inch
  • Load Rating: 45 – 65
  • Speed Rating: H/T/V/W/Y