Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT

The Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT is an ultra-high performance summer tyre rated for its exceptional dry grip, Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GTresponsiveness and sports driving.

A race-proven tyre, it boasts excellent cornering stability and benefits from the addition of Dunlop’s Touch Technology to enhance handling and responsiveness.

Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT Benefits

  •  Maintains shape at motorway speeds, enhancing stability and wear resistance
  • Tread compound mixed with racing carbon black to increase dry grip and braking
  • Flatter tread profile means more tyre is in contact with the road, to deliver increased steering precision and road feedback
  • Includes Dunlop’s RunOnFlat technology to keep the car moving in the event of a puncture or blowout for up to around 50mph at a maximum speed of 50mph

 Technical Information

  • Section Width: 225 – 325 mm
  • Rim Diameter: 17 – 23 inch
  • Load Rating 25 – 65
  • Speed Rating: W/Y/V