BF Goodrich tyres

BF Goodrich, America’s first tyre maker, was founded in 1896. It is today one of the most trusted tyre choices for British 4×4 owners. Its tyres are famous for their off-road capabilities. They feature the durability, strength and grip needed for driving through even the most extreme off-road environments. These tyres are designed to never let you down and will get you to places a lot of other tyres definitely won’t. In short, if cars could scale Mount Everest, they’d no doubt do so in BF Goodrich tyres.

When choosing tyres for your 4×4, one of the most important factors to consider is how often your vehicle is used off-road.

BF Goodrich’s All-Terrain KO tyre is designed for 50% off-road and 50% on-road use. It features total versatility, excellent grip levels and exceptional sturdiness for long tyre life.

For even more extreme off-roading demands, the BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tyre ticks many boxes. It has aggressively-shaped sidewall lugs to ensure more bite and increased sidewall protection. This tyre is designed for 90% off-road and 10% on-road use.

Alternatively, the BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A is an on-road all-terrain tyre, made for 10% off-road and 90% on-road use. It features excellent roadholding capabilities and is a popular choice for modern 4x4s and SUVs.