BF Goodrich Macadam T/A tyres

The BF Goodrich Macadam T/A tyre is designed for 95% on-road usage with 5% off-road driving. This BF Goodrich tyre is designed to cater for the new breed of luxury 4×4’s, whose owners demand superior grip in all weathers, high levels of comfort and low noise.

This BF Goodrich tyre is stamped with the M&S symbol which means that the tyre has been designed for optimal handling in winter weather conditions. The additional sipes enable this tyre to bite into the road surface and efficiently channel excess surface water away from the path of the tyre, reducing wet braking distances.

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BF Goodrich Macadam T/A reviews

The BF Goodrich Macadam T/A provides a high performance tyre solution to an urban lifestyle. The longitudinal grooves of this BF Goodrich tyre make it efficient at evacuating water and reducing braking distances in the wet, making it a great winter tyre choice.