BF Goodrich All terrain T/A KO tyres

The BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO (‘KO’ stands for Key benefit On- and Off-road) is renowned for its mileage potential. This durability is a result of the TriGard three-ply sidewall and makes this tyre suitable for multi-purpose and off-road 4X4 vehicles being driven 50% on-road and 50% off-road.

Designed to deliver ‘go-anywhere’ traction to drivers, this exceptionally sturdy tyre is comprised of a stiff tread area with two full width steel belts, making it a well-regarded off-road option. Dual compound tread, ShoulderLock technology and 40% wider shoulder grooves provide drivers with high levels of traction and control.

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BF Goodrich All terrain T/A KO reviews

This BF Goodrich tyre sets the standard for on and off-road performance. It is a highly durable tyre which has been designed with improved stress distribution to reduce irregular wear. Rim protectors are moulded into the lower sidewall to help ensure that the wheel is sheltered from off-road hazards, especially when driving off-road in an ‘aired-down’ operation.