Avon tyres

Avon tyres are fitted as original equipment to many Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Land Rover vehicles. The company has a long association with British motorsport and remains an essentially British brand. Tyre manufacturing continues at its Wiltshire base despite a significant stake of its automotive operation being sold to American interests in 2006.

Avon does not offer as broad a range as many of its competitors. However, its tyres continue to earn good reviews from both customers and independent industry tests alike. Its premium car tyre is the ZZ5, an ultra-high-performance tyre. In all sizes it scores an ‘A’-rating for wet grip under EU tyre labelling regulations. These tyres feature an inner shoulder designed to give high contact pressures to promote even wear. Large continuous central grooves channel water away from wet roads efficiently. This tyre also has a wide shoulder to optimise the vehicle’s handling. It is suitable for a range of high-performance cars and is aimed very much at the more demanding driver.

The ZZ5’s younger brother, the ZZ3, is another premium tyre suitable for high-performance and sports cars. It is designed to offer superb wet weather grip and excellent roadholding. It features a rim flange protector to stop alloy wheels being scuffed or damaged by kerbs.

Avon’s ZT5 is a more multi-purpose tyre, particularly suitable for smaller and compact cars. It is available in a wide range of sizes. Its performance is less spectacular than that of the sports tyres above. However, it offers good value, excellent steering response and very high build quality, meaning extended tyre life.

Avon is particularly known for its Ranger tyres for 4x4s. These are a good option for drivers whose 4×4 spends time in off-road environments, rather than just the school run. The Ranger TSE is designed for 4x4s which spend 30% of their life off-road. Ranger ATT tyres are built for serious off-roading capability. They offer increased traction in all terrains and a unique tread pattern. This is designed to ‘self-clean’ and to reduce the build-up of mud within the tyre tread itself.