Avon ZZ5

An ultra-high performance tyre, the Avon ZZ5 is well suited to high end sports cars and has been a consistently Avon ZZ5popular choice with driving enthusiasts since its launch.

All Avon ZZ5 sizes carry an ‘A’ label rating for wet grip courtesy of a reformulated compound and the utilisation of a high-dispersion silica tread.

Avon developed the tyre on a number of Europe’s most famous race tracks, including the iconic Nurburgring, to build dynamic high-speed durability into the compound.

Avon ZZ5 features

  • IATD Intelligent Asymmetric Tread Design. Divided into three fundamental zones: 1 – inner shoulder designed to give high contact pressures to promote balanced tread wear and enhanced wet grip. 
2 – continuous central grooves to ensure efficient water clearance. 
3 – wide continuous outer shoulder gives confident
handling in both wet and dry conditions
  • Functional rim flange protectors to help protect your alloy wheels from kerb damage
  • Newly developed Tri-Arc mould shape for improved contact pressure distribution handling and balanced tread wear

Avon ZZ5 Awards

Fast Car Magazine gave the Avon ZZ5 the Long Lasting Performance Award in 2013 and described it as ‘British engineering at its best”.

Technical Information

Section Width: 205 – 265mm
Rim Diameter: 17 – 20 Inch
Load Rating: 91 – 103
Speed Rating: W/Y