Fuel efficiency ratings

One of the key elements shown on the tyre label is a fuel efficiency rating based on the performance the tyre will achieve in this area. Fuel efficiency ratings are explained below.

What is fuel efficiency?

Fuel Efficiency Ratings

Choosing a tyre which is more fuel efficient can help you to reduce your driving costs and CO2 emissions.

A rolling tyre deforms and loses energy. This energy is known as rolling resistance and this is what directly impacts on your fuel consumption and the environment.

On the label, fuel efficiency ratings are measured according to the rolling resistance of the tyres in ratings of A to G, with A being the most fuel efficient and meaning you use the least fuel for your journey and G being the least fuel efficient. Category D is not used as a grade, which helps to draw a clear line between the top and bottom three grades.

By choosing an A rated tyre over a G rated tyre you could reduce your fuel consumption by up to 7.5%. To put this in real terms, choosing A rated tyres instead of G rated tyres could save you more than 6 litres of fuel every 625 miles.

At an average petrol price of £1.15 per litre, that adds up to a saving of around £250 over the life of the tyres. This is based on an average consumption of 8 litres/65 miles, a fuel price of £1.15/litre and an average tyre mileage of 22,000 miles.

How is rolling resistance calculated?

Rolling resistance is measured by mounting the passenger car tyre on a two metre drum and running it with a defined load and pressure.

To rotate the drum without a tyre, a certain torque needs to be applied. The moment the tyre comes into contact with the drum, the torque required to rotate the drum needs to be increased.

By measuring the difference between the torque of the drum without the tyre and the increase when the tyre comes into contact with the drum it is possible to obtain a rolling resistance coefficient (measured in kg/t). This result is used to define the specific grading on the label.

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