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I thought I would take advantage of etyres summer sale so I had £25 off my four Pirelli tyres, great saving and really good service
Mr T Button, Wymondham – 05/09/2014

Thank you very much for the excellent service that you at etyres offer. Your fitter came to my office and fitted my new Dunlop tyres whilst I was working, such a relief not to go to a tyre depot.
Mr Boreman, Wymondham – 05/09/14

What a brilliant idea etyres, is I have never used a mobile tyre service before, but I am converted. I had two Firestone tyres put on and I was very impressed.
Mr Firm, Wymondham – 05/09/2014

I would like to thank everybody at etyres for the excellent work in getting two Bridgestone 215/45/17W tyres for my Ford Mondeo. Really good service.
Mr Hart, Wymondham – 16/04/2014

Thank you for coming out to my house. I needed four caravan tyres, 185/65/14N Maxxis tyres and this just saved me so much time I am really glad I found etyres.
Mr Vincent, Wymondham – 16/04/2014

This is the first time I have used etyres I needed two Dunlop 205/55/16V tyres for my car and I must say I was very pleased with the service. I will definitely use etyres again
Mr Marshal, Wymondham – 16/04/2014

My Vauxhall Astra needed two 225/50/17Y Hankook tyres and I found etyres was the cheapest quote around and they are a mobile a tyre fitting service which comes to my house. Excellent service.
Mrs Taros, Wymondham – 22/2/2014

etyres came to my work place and fitted four 215/45/17W Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres on my car. Great job done and it saved me alot of time.
Mr Britten, Wymondham – 20/2/2014

Many thanks to Martin from etyres, he fitted four 235/50/18W Continental Premium Contact 2 to my BMW X3.
Mr Orlopp, Wymondham – 11/2/2014

I ordered four 195/65/15H Kumho tyres for my car, it was nice to have them fitted on my driveway. Mobile tyre fitting is a really good idea
Mrs Allister, Wymondham – 12/1/2014

Just had two 225/45/17Y Goodyears fitted on my car, very pleased with the way everything went. Fitter tuned up on time and the job went smoothly. Thank you.
Mrs Hunt, Wymondaym – 9/1/2014

I got excellant service and the price was very good, I needed two 235/45/17W Continental Sport 3. I will use etyres again.
Mr Wright – Wymondam – 18/12/2013

Its great to have my tyres fitted at home I have used etyres before and I just find its so much more convenient to have the new Dunlops fitted there

I needed two new tyres for the MOT quickly and etyres came out and fitted two Falcon tyres on my car the same day, they got me out of a big problem. Thank you

What a great service etyres offers all I had to do was just order the tyres online and the tyres were fitted by there mobile tyre fitting service

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Advice on run-flat tyres and Tyron safety bands
August 5, 2014

We are regularly asked by our etyres Wymondham customers if punctures can be repaired in on run-flat tyres. We always advise that only Bridgestone, Dunlop, Firestone and Michelin are currently allowing repairs to their run-flat tyres and that is providing there is no damage to the sidewall of the tyre and the puncture is within three quarters from the centre of the tread.

When a puncture occurs run-flat tyres are designed not to deflate and come off the wheel rim, this is achieved by having extra reinforcing incorporated in the sidewall of the tyre which enables the car to be driven up to a maximum of fifty miles at a restricted speed of no more than 50mph.

The same brand of run-flat tyre should also be used to replace the damaged one as a mix of brands is not recommended.

etyres Wymondham supply and fit a wide range of run-flat tyres, along with all other tyres to suit every budget from economy and mid-range to all the premium brands, including Bridgestone, Michelin and Pirelli. Our free mobile tyre fitting service also means we come to you and replace your tyre at your home or work at a time that suits you.

We also supply and fit Tyron safety bands, which can be fitted to your caravan or motorhome, and prevent the tyre coming off the rim in the event of a blowout. Tyron bands offer temporary run-flat capabilities, allowing the driver to steer the vehicle to a safe place to pull over.

For more information about run-flat tyre puncture repairs, Tyron safety bands and all your tyre needs contact etyres Wymondham now on 01953 861330 or 07810561031.

Dunlop tyres are a popular choice with etyres Wymondham customers
April 17, 2014

Dunlop tyres are one of the top selling tyres with our etyres Wymondham customers. There is a wide range to choose from, although we find the 195/55/16V Dunlop Sport Blue Response has excellent wet weather capability and fuel economy, with 68 Db making it one of the quietest tyres on the road and a very popular choice.

It also makes us smile that Dunlop tyres have such a rich history and yet came about in such a simple way. John Boyd Dunlop was born in 1840 to a farming family in Dreghorn in Ayrshire. He worked as a vet for ten years and then moved to Belfast and set up a large practice, but he found the roads too rough for the wooden or solid rubber tyres so he decided to experiment with his sons tricycle and in 1887 he came up with an inflatable rubber tube which he patented. He went on to establish the Dunlop Rubber Company and is credited with the invention of the modern day rubber tyre which we are all grateful for – and take for granted.

etyres Wymondham supply a wide range of Dunlop tyres and a comprehensive range of all other tyres, including economy, mid-range and premium brands, at highly competitive prices. Our customers also benefit from our mobile tyre fitting service which means we come to you and fit your new tyres at your home or work. If you need new tyres you can order online now using the search box on the left or call etyres Wymondham on 01953 861330 or 07768408320.



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