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My Vauxhall Astra needed two 225/50/17Y Hankook tyres and I found etyres was the cheapest quote around and they are a mobile a tyre fitting service which comes to my house. Excellent service.
Mrs Taros, Wymondham – 22/2/2014

etyres came to my work place and fitted four 215/45/17W Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres on my car. Great job done and it saved me alot of time.
Mr Britten, Wymondham – 20/2/2014

Many thanks to Martin from etyres, he fitted four 235/50/18W Continental Premium Contact 2 to my BMW X3.
Mr Orlopp, Wymondham – 11/2/2014

I ordered four 195/65/15H Kumho tyres for my car, it was nice to have them fitted on my driveway. Mobile tyre fitting is a really good idea
Mrs Allister, Wymondham – 12/1/2014

Just had two 225/45/17Y Goodyears fitted on my car, very pleased with the way everything went. Fitter tuned up on time and the job went smoothly. Thank you.
Mrs Hunt, Wymondaym – 9/1/2014

I got excellant service and the price was very good, I needed two 235/45/17W Continental Sport 3. I will use etyres again.
Mr Wright – Wymondam – 18/12/2013

Its great to have my tyres fitted at home I have used etyres before and I just find its so much more convenient to have the new Dunlops fitted there

I needed two new tyres for the MOT quickly and etyres came out and fitted two Falcon tyres on my car the same day, they got me out of a big problem. Thank you

What a great service etyres offers all I had to do was just order the tyres online and the tyres were fitted by there mobile tyre fitting service

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Rain hides potholes which can seriously damage your tyres
March 2, 2014

The recent bad weather has caused motorists a lot of problems due to the amount of water on the roads, which has hidden deep potholes which can damage your car tyres.

Potholes can cause hundreds, even thousands, of pounds worth of damage, to a vehicles tyres, wheels, steering and suspension, infact, reports estimate they are costing UK motorists £1.2 billion a year.

While local councils are trying to repair the potholes, it falls to motorists to try and protect their vehicles and tyres from these catastrophic craters.

etyres Wymondham have dealt with many customers who have had the misfortune of hitting potholes. Sometimes we can spare our customers to cost of buying a replacement tyre, because their tyres can be fixed with our mobile puncture repair service. If the tyres cannot be repaired, we always make sure we bring along a new tyre so that we can get our customers back on the roads again as quickly as possible.

If the tyres are too badly damaged with either a large rip in the sidewall or a bulge which means the sidewall has be structurally damaged and could cause a blowout when traveling at speed, it is important they are replaced as soon as possible, otherwise they can lead to blowouts at speed.

etyres Wymondham customers who are unlucky enough to have damaged their tyres by driving over a pothole can benefit from our Big Tyre Sale, which means our highly competitive prices are currently even lower. We are offering a £10 discount if you buy two or three new tyres or £25 off if you order four or more new tyres.

And one of the biggest advantages of coming to etyres Wymondham if you have damaged your tyres by driving over a pothole is our mobile fitting service. We come to you, at a time and location of your choice to carry out a puncture repair or fit your new tyres, so you don’t have to risk causing further damage to your tyres by driving on them.

Our service was really helpful for one customer who drove over a pothole and punctured both his near side tyres. Unfortunately for him his car did not have a spare wheel but even if it had, that would only have replaced one damaged tyre. He called etyres Wymondham and we were able to go to replace his front and rear tyres first thing the next morning.

So if you are in need of tyres and you want an excellent service contact etyres Wymondham on 01953 861330 or 07768408320

Martin, etyres Wymondham

Label helps motorists picking new tyres make better choices
January 19, 2014

Deciding what new tyres you need to fit on your vehicle can be baffling because there are so many to chose from. But do you know about the tyre labelling law which gives you the chance to make a much more informed choice about which new tyres to chose?

The tyre label that now accompanies all new tyres is similar to the energy label already used on white goods such as washing machines and fridges. The tyre label carries three key pieces of information about the new tyres.

1. Wet Grip – the most important safety characteristics of a tyre. New tyres with good wet grip have a shorter stopping distance in the rain.

2. Fuel Consumption – this relates to the rolling road resistance, the less rolling resistance the better the fuel economy.

3. External noise – this measures the amount of noise made by a tyre when it rolls along the road surface. The tyres exterior noise is expressed in decibels (dB) and is depicted by a series of black waves.

At etyres Wymondham we have found that the new tyres labelling system has made it much easier for customers to get to grips with the characteristics offered by the tyres they are considering buying. Ultimately the aim is to help motorists make the right choice of new tyres to suit their vehicle, personal needs, driving style and budget.

For example, a 205/55/16V Bridgestone EP001S has an A rating for fuel economy, A rating for wet grip, and has two black waves which indicates a noise level of 70dB while a Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance tyre has a low noise level of 68dB.

The whole experience of buying tyres from etyres Wymondham could not be simpler. All you need to do is look up your tyre size by using the box on the left and then find the tyre with the best labeling and price to suit you. You can order online or by calling etyres Wymondham on 01953 861330 or 07810561031 and we will arrange a time and location to suit you to come and fit your new car tyres.

Also, our etyres Wymondham customers can currently benefit from great discounts on their new tyres thanks to The Big Tyre Sale. We are offering £25 off if you buy four or more new tyres and a £10 discount if you order two or three new tyres.

Cathy, etyres Wymondham