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Thank you very much for the prompt service i received when i had the puncture repaired by martin, a very quick and efficient service.

Mrs Strong, Wymondham – 15 December 2014

Really pleased with my winter tyres I just bought from etyres. They have improved the road holding of my car.

Mr T James, Wymondham – 15 December 2014

I just saved £25.00 on four tyres from etyres and they came to my house to fit them. Excellent service.

Mrs Donald, Wymondham – 15 December 2014

I had a puncture on the motorway and the car had to be towed home, having no spare wheel the car was immobilised. I went online and saw etyres, what excellent service, the etyres mobile fitting van came to my house and all the work was done on my driveway. Brilliant.
Mrs Tallon, Wymondham – 17/11/14

I just had to thank everybody at etyres for the quick service when i ordered two 205/55/16V Dunlops for my car
Mr Allan, Wymondham – 17/11/14

I saw the etyres van around and thought I would give you a ring, glad I did saved me some money and I got a really good service.
Mr Oxen, Wymondham – 17/11/14

I would just like to thank etyres for the fast and efficient way that they fitted four new Dunlop tyres to my car.
Mrs Blackmore, Wymondham – 20/10/2014

etyres mobile fitting is the way to go, it’s so easy and the tyre fitter was very good, he even cleaned my wheels when he finished.
Mr Norton, Wymondham – 20/10/2014

I just want to thank Martin your tyre fitter, he fitted my Goodyear tyres in the pouring rain and did a marvellous job. Hope he dried out ok.
Mr Johnson, Wymondham – 20/10/2014

I thought I would take advantage of etyres summer sale so I had £25 off my four Pirelli tyres, great saving and really good service
Mr T Button, Wymondham – 05/09/2014

Thank you very much for the excellent service that you at etyres offer. Your fitter came to my office and fitted my new Dunlop tyres whilst I was working, such a relief not to go to a tyre depot.
Mr Boreman, Wymondham – 05/09/14

What a brilliant idea etyres, is I have never used a mobile tyre service before, but I am converted. I had two Firestone tyres put on and I was very impressed.
Mr Firm, Wymondham – 05/09/2014

I would like to thank everybody at etyres for the excellent work in getting two Bridgestone 215/45/17W tyres for my Ford Mondeo. Really good service.
Mr Hart, Wymondham – 16/04/2014

Thank you for coming out to my house. I needed four caravan tyres, 185/65/14N Maxxis tyres and this just saved me so much time I am really glad I found etyres.
Mr Vincent, Wymondham – 16/04/2014

This is the first time I have used etyres I needed two Dunlop 205/55/16V tyres for my car and I must say I was very pleased with the service. I will definitely use etyres again
Mr Marshal, Wymondham – 16/04/2014

My Vauxhall Astra needed two 225/50/17Y Hankook tyres and I found etyres was the cheapest quote around and they are a mobile a tyre fitting service which comes to my house. Excellent service.
Mrs Taros, Wymondham – 22/2/2014

etyres came to my work place and fitted four 215/45/17W Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres on my car. Great job done and it saved me alot of time.
Mr Britten, Wymondham – 20/2/2014

Many thanks to Martin from etyres, he fitted four 235/50/18W Continental Premium Contact 2 to my BMW X3.
Mr Orlopp, Wymondham – 11/2/2014

I ordered four 195/65/15H Kumho tyres for my car, it was nice to have them fitted on my driveway. Mobile tyre fitting is a really good idea
Mrs Allister, Wymondham – 12/1/2014

Just had two 225/45/17Y Goodyears fitted on my car, very pleased with the way everything went. Fitter tuned up on time and the job went smoothly. Thank you.
Mrs Hunt, Wymondaym – 9/1/2014

I got excellant service and the price was very good, I needed two 235/45/17W Continental Sport 3. I will use etyres again.
Mr Wright – Wymondam – 18/12/2013

Its great to have my tyres fitted at home I have used etyres before and I just find its so much more convenient to have the new Dunlops fitted there

I needed two new tyres for the MOT quickly and etyres came out and fitted two Falcon tyres on my car the same day, they got me out of a big problem. Thank you

What a great service etyres offers all I had to do was just order the tyres online and the tyres were fitted by there mobile tyre fitting service

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We offer free mobile tyre fitting on all leading brands of car tyres, van tyres, 4×4 tyres and run-flat tyres. We fit the tyres at your home or work. Tyres fitting and balancing is fully guaranteed. We also carry out puncture repairs and supply and fit car batteries. There are no call out charges or hidden extras. Our mobile service means we don’t have expensive tyre depots so our fully-inclusive prices are always low.

Order online now or call our National Call Centre on freephone 0800 028 9000.

You win both ways – lower cost tyres & better service. See what Satisfied Customers say.


How Good Are Winter Car Tyres?
December 15, 2014

To most car drivers the idea of having winter tyres fitted to their car in this country does sound unnecessary because of the lack of snow, but you would be surprised how the development of these tyres has progressed over the years and have an added advantages on cold wet roads.

When the temperature drops below seven degrees centigrade, summer tyres can loose grip due to tread design and rubber compound. Winter tyres have a notable increase in grip and braking efficiency and this will ensure that you have a safer journey in your car. So in snow, ice or cold wet roads winter tyres are a definite advantage.

A wide range of all tyres to suit your needs are available at etyres Wymondham where we can help you find a tyre to suit your car. etyres Wymondham offer a mobile tyre fitting service and can come to your place of work or your home. We can also supply you with any make of tyre from budgets to brand names such as Dunlop, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental and Michelin.

Don’t forget that with etyres Discount Promise you can save £25.00 off four tyres and £10.00 off three or two tyres. If etyres Wymondham can be of service to you this winter please call martin on 01953 861330 or 07768 408320.

Don’t let illegal tyres cause your MOT fail
November 19, 2014

Over two million cars failed their MOT test last year due to illegal and unsafe tyres, in many cases the tread had worn well below the legal limit and sometimes the inner casing had been exposed.

Unfortunately, etyres Wymondham see this kind of tyre neglect regularly and we are also noticing increasing amounts of tyres which have been damaged by potholes – a problem which will only get worse now winter is arriving and making road conditions even poorer.

In some cases, motorists just haven’t realised their tyres were worn or damaged, in others they were aware of the problem, but put off doing anything about it, because cost was an issue.

The minimum legal tyre tread depth limit is 1.6mm across three quarters of each tyre, around its entire circumference and this is simple to check. Just click here to watch our short video which shows you how to check your tread depths in minutes. Also, we recommend you check your tyres at least once a month for visual signs of damage, such as cuts and bulges, and be especially vigilant if you have driven over a pothole. If you notice any damage in its early stage, it is possible etyres Wymondham will be able to carry out a puncture repair, saving you the expense of having to buy a brand new tyre. However, if you continue driving on it you can cause irreparable damage to the tyre, and also your wheel.

Theses simple safety checks can make your motoring a lot safer and also help make sure your tyres don’t cause your vehicle to fail its MOT.

Our mobile tyre fitting service means we come to your home or work to fit your new tyre or carry out a puncture repair and our highly competitive prices are always low thanks to our etyres Discount Promise, which means you get £25.00 off if you order four new tyres or £10.00 if you buy two or three tyres.

For more information about our free mobile tyre fitting service contact etyres Wymondham on 01953 861330 or 07768408320 or order your tyres online now using the search box on the left.