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“Really pleased with the service and price, and even better that I could have them fitted at home rather than having to wait in a tyre fitters. Would certainly use again and recommend to others.”
Mr D Williams, Wellingborough – January 2014

“I cant say any more that excellent service, excellent product and excellent value.”
Mr P Bowman, Wellingborough – January 2014

“Phone call received as promised and time given for fitting. The fitter turned up on time and did the job. No hassle, no problems.”
Mr K Michell, Wellingborough – January 2014

“Del gave me a time slot and was there on time. He was very friendly. Got on with the job. Excellent job well done would recommend and use again.”
Mrs L Donohue, Wellingborough – December 2013

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service.  The fitter replaced my two tyres and checked the other two, because I was not sure if they needed replacing (fortunately they have still got some life in them).  When I need new tyres I will be in touch.  I will also be recommending your service.”

J Thompson, Wellingborough – 24/1/13

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How to get the most out of your car battery this winter
October 7, 2014

The engine of your car is very important, but the battery is also a key component and it is as we move into the winter months that it becomes increasingly imperative that it is well maintained and checked on a regular basis.

Without the battery your vehicle is dead. This is why it needs to be purchased with care and caution. The purchasing of a vehicle battery can be expensive which is why you need to make sure you are buying the right one for your vehicle. The wrong size battery or a battery with the wrong amp-age will let you down eventually.

Here are three suggestions for how to extend the life of your battery:

1. Check and ensure the battery terminals are not dirty. Look at both the positive and negative terminals more than once a month and if they appear unclean remove the wiring and use a post-scrubber to get rid of any dirt because optimal contact is needed. To wipe the cables and terminals use a mixture of water and baking soda. It is essential when doing this you wear protective gloves and goggles

2. Check that the distilled water level in the battery is correct. There may be an indicator which shows how much water to put in. It is also vital to have correct electrolyte levels to ensure you get the best performance from your car battery, so check for cracks in the casing on a regular basis. Should you find any cracks or any white powder on the battery tray, then the battery will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Use hot water to wash away the white powder as this is very corrosive

3. It is advisable to test your battery acid using a hydrometer. If the battery is fully charged there should be a reading of 1.265 or more, if it is any less then it will need recharging.

By carrying out these three battery maintenance checks you will help to extend its life. There’s no harm in knowing how to look after your car battery and it could save you money in the long run. If you do find yourself needing a new battery for your vehicle, contact etyres Wellingborough, we supply and fit a wide range of batteries to suit all budgets.

Make sure your tyres are safe and legal this autumn
September 22, 2014

When was the last time you checked your tyres to make sure they are safe and legal? If it wasn’t any time recently, and by that we mean within the last month, we recommend you get out there and do it as soon as possible.

With the arrival of autumn, driving conditions can become much more hazardous, with falling leaves turning to a slippery wet mush on the roads and water-logging leading to an increase in aquaplaning, it is important that your tyres have plenty of grip so that they can keep you safe.

If you are not sure how to check to make sure you have at least the minimum legal tread depth limit of 1.6mm, click here and watch our short video which features Vicki Butler Henderson not only showing you exactly how to determine how much tread your tyres have, but also demonstrating how dangerous it can be driving without plenty of grip.

And if you discover you need new tyres you can take advantage of our Back to School Sale, which means our etyres Wellingborough customers receive a £25 discount if you order four new tyres or £10 off if you buy two or three new tyres. Our highly competitive prices include a new valve, balancing, disposal of the old tyre, VAT and our mobile tyre fitting service, which means you can have your new tyres fitted at your home or work at a time that suits you.

So don’t waste another minute. Check to make sure your tyres are safe and legal and if they need replacing don’t hang about outside in the cold or the rain, call etyres Wellingborough and we will come to you.

You can order online now by entering your tyre details in the search box on the left, alternatively call us on 0800 028 9000 or 0333 023 9000 for a local rate from a mobile, for expert and impartial advice.



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