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Arrived 5 minutes earlier than expected and had my two tyres fitted within 25 mins.
Mr Duffy, Great Sankey, Warrington – January 2014
2 x 205/55/16 94W Event WL905

Looking around on the net to find some cheap budget tyres to buy and I came across etyres and thought I would see how much new ones would set me back, only to find they had a “sale” on. I entered my tyres size and found that I could get four new decent tyres at only a few quid more than I was looking at paying for budget tyres elsewhere and etyres would fit them on my drive.
Mr Ward, Padgate, Warrington – January 2014
4 x 195/65/15 91T Firestone Multihawk

Me and the kids had arranged a trip to blackpool for the Saturday morning, after a bit of bad parking on my behalf the night before, I had clipped the kerb outside my driveway and ended up with a very flat tyre. I had used etyres before and had great service from them so I arranged a callout for in the morning and asked if they could ask their fitter to be there ASAP as I didn’t want to let my children down. Saturday morning ‘get a call from the fitter saying he could be with me before 9am if that was ok. He arrived and had the tyre replaced before the clock struck 9am, so to say thank you I made him a bacon butty.
Mrs Weston, Appleton, Warrington – January 2014
1 x 215/50/17 95Y XL Kumho KH39

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etyres is a leading online tyre retailer and we have a busy branch which covers Warrington and the surrounding areas. We come to you and fit your new car, van, caravan, motorhome or trailer tyres at a time and location that suit you, whether that is at your home or work. We supply and fit a comprehensive selection of economy, mid-range and premium tyres and our highly competitive prices include fitting, a new valve, electronic balancing, disposal of the old tyre and VAT.

etyres Warrington supply and fit a huge selection of tyres, including 4×4’s, run-flats and winter tyres, and we also offer a very convenient puncture repair service, which can cost a fraction of the price of a brand new tyre. Our mobile service also extends to supplying and fitting vehicle batteries and Tyron safety bands.

Our service extends to cover beyond Warrington and out to Glazebury in the west and Daresbury in the south, along with Central Warrington to the east. So if you need new tyres or a battery in these areas, order online now or call our national sales team on 0800 028 9000 or 0333 323 9000 for a local rate from a mobile phone for expert advice.


Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D is winter tyre winner
November 21, 2014

If you are considering fitting winter tyres to your vehicle you might be interested to hear that the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D Winter has been labelled as “EXEMPLARY” by German motoring magazine Auto Bild after it put around 50 winter tyres though their paces in a series of tests designed to find out the safest tinter tyre in bad conditions.

Running head-to-head with the Dunlop tyre was the Continental WinterContact TS 850 which was also given the “EXEMPLARY” label.

Tests like these just show that once again the big branded companies are leading the way in making safety for the customers a priority. A lot of people ask when hearing about winter tyres: “Do I really need winter tyres in the UK – especially if it isn’t going to snow?”

The best answer for this is “Yes!”, especially if you have to do a lot of travelling in your vehicle in all weathers and if you use it to ferry your children around. Anything you can do to improve your safety, and that of your passengers, has to be a good thing and must be given serious consideration. Winter tyres are one way of doing that as winter tyres having a softer silica compound than regular tyres which means they are more effective when temperatures drop below 7C (which happens a lot in the UK). Winter tyres also have a different tread patter which means they can dispel more road surface water and help to reduce the risk of aquaplaning on wet roads.

etyres Warrington supply and fit a wide range of winter tyres and a brand new set can cost as little as around £250. Our highly competitive prices are always low and our Discount Promise means you get £25 off if you buy four tyres. For more information about winter tyres and which options are best for you, contact etyres Warrington on 01925 540 780 for expert and impartial advice, with no obligation to buy.

How tyre labels are influencing motorists choices
September 15, 2014

It is almost two years ago that the tyre labelling system was introduced by the EU and implemented in the UK and since then it has been helping motorists make more informed decisions about the tyres they chose for their vehicles.

The tyre labels feature information on three key factors: Fuel Consumption (or economy as it might be known), Wet Grip and Rolling noise (the external volume of the tyre).

Since the tyre labelling introduction we have started seeing a shift in what customers have been buying, no longer are they just opting for tyres because they are “branded”, but they are now beginning to select tyres based on what ratings they have. And because the labels are applied to all new tyres, whether they are economy, mid-range or the well known brands, such as Michelin and Bridgestone, customers can have the chance to see what they are getting for their money. So they can compare the performance of a Michelin against a mid-range or a Bridgestone against a budget brand.

Obviously this has had a knock on effect with all the major tyre manufactures as they fight to improve their ratings and dominate the top spots and more and more tyres coming in with above “C” ratings in both Fuel Consumption and Wet Grip – which is good news for motorists.

For advice regarding new tyres and their ratings, go to our tyre labelling page or contact our national sales team on 0800 028 9000 or 0333 323 9000 for expert and impartial guidance.