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Arrived 5 minutes earlier than expected and had my two tyres fitted within 25 mins.
Mr Duffy, Great Sankey, Warrington – January 2014
2 x 205/55/16 94W Event WL905

Looking around on the net to find some cheap budget tyres to buy and I came across etyres and thought I would see how much new ones would set me back, only to find they had a “sale” on. I entered my tyres size and found that I could get four new decent tyres at only a few quid more than I was looking at paying for budget tyres elsewhere and etyres would fit them on my drive.
Mr Ward, Padgate, Warrington – January 2014
4 x 195/65/15 91T Firestone Multihawk

Me and the kids had arranged a trip to blackpool for the Saturday morning, after a bit of bad parking on my behalf the night before, I had clipped the kerb outside my driveway and ended up with a very flat tyre. I had used etyres before and had great service from them so I arranged a callout for in the morning and asked if they could ask their fitter to be there ASAP as I didn’t want to let my children down. Saturday morning ‘get a call from the fitter saying he could be with me before 9am if that was ok. He arrived and had the tyre replaced before the clock struck 9am, so to say thank you I made him a bacon butty.
Mrs Weston, Appleton, Warrington – January 2014
1 x 215/50/17 95Y XL Kumho KH39

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15,000 tyre-related break­downs
June 26, 2014

Did you know that there are over 15,000 tyre-related break­downs every year on English motor­ways, many of which could be avoided if we all checked our tyre pressures once a month!

Many of the incidents are caused by under-inflated tyres after prolonged periods of high speed running, such as during motorway journeys.

In these circumstances under-inflated tyres are much more likely to overheat and suffer from a rapid deflation, which can cause the car to become un-controllable. Furthermore the debris from the damaged tyre becomes a further hazard for other motorists which can have a knock on effect up to three junctions behind the initial incident.

However, by taking a few minutes to check your tyres, you could save yourself the distress, cost and possibly very serious consequences of having a tyre blow-out at high speed. Also, properly inflated tyres will help your rubber last longer and make your vehicle more fuel efficient, which will reduce your fuel bills.

So please check your tyres to stay safe on the roads this summer.

For advice regarding your new tyres or tyre safety contact our national sales team on 0800 028 9000 for expert and impartial guidance.

Tread Wear and Tread Depth
June 20, 2013

Your tyres will wear around 1mm for every 1500-4000 miles, depending on your driving style, road conditions and the compound of the tyre. As your tyres wear the wet weather performance starts to deteriorate, in fact worn tyres can double a cars wet weather braking distance…???

Another compelling reason to be vigilant with your tyres is the traffic policeman, under current UK law you can be prosecuted for each tyre below 1.6mm UK limit. Current penalties include fines and 3 driving penalty points per tyre….This means that if all your tyres are below the legal limit you could be facing 12 penalty points and a driving ban.

From a safety perspective and to ensure there is no risk of a fine and penalty points we at etyres recommend changing your tyres at 3mm.

For a competitive quote call our sales team on 0800 028 9000 to take advantage of our new pricing system £10.00 of any 2 tyres or £25.00 of any 4 tyres. If it’s just advice, please call me direct on 07944160037