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Here are a handful of comments we have received from our customers in the Stockport area:

“The fitter was very friendly and very helpful. Will certainly use etyres again.” – Mr Barton, 7/3/13

“I had 4 tyres fitted to my Mini – troublefree service from ordering the tryres through to fitting. Will certainly use etyres again.” – Mrs Byron, 9/3/13

“Mobile tyre fitting – what a fantastic idea! I had my tyres fitted at work which was extremely convenient to me. Great job, thanks a lot.” – Mr Berry, 13/3/13

“I placed an order with etyres in the morning and had them fitted that afternoon at my work. Such a quick, hassle-free service. Recommended to all my work colleagues.” – Miss Lawson,  18/3/13

“The fitter rang before 9am to confirm a time for my appointment. He arrived on time and did a fantastic job. Highly recommend.” – Mrs Graham, 23/3/13

“Amazed at how quickly the job was finished. A quick, easy and efficient service – very happy with the service provided.” – Miss Leach, 26/3/13

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Puncture repair guidelines
March 24, 2014

Here at etyres Stockport we are experiencing high levels of puncture repair enquiries coming through as a result of the current condition of our roads. There are many misconceptions surrounding when it is acceptable to carry out a puncture repair so below we have created a brief outline of the key issues factors you should look out for.

Puncture repair guidelines:

  1. Any damage to the tyre sidewall should not be repaired
  2. Any tyre that has been driven on whilst flat should be inspected internally to check for damage before being repaired. Ideally tyres should not be driven on when flat
  3. Any bulges / eggs on the tyre mean that it must be replaced. This type of damage is usually caused by impact i.e. potholes or kerbing
  4. Tears and splits should never be repaired
  5. If points 1-4 are all false the tyre may be repairable as long as the puncture falls within the repairable area gauge.

You can download a handy repairable area gauge here that will allow you to quickly see whether the puncture falls inside the legal and safe parameters.

To book a puncture repair or for free impartial tyre advice call etyres Stockport now on 01663 749 773.

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etyres Stockport outlines the benefits of cold weather/winter tyres.
November 12, 2013

Jake – etyres Stockport writes: The winter weather has arrived and you may be considering buying a set of cold weather or winter tyres for your vehicle, so we have put together some information to help you make the right choice.

Winter tyres, or more accurately cold weather tyres, are designed to work better on wet and dry roads in below 7 degrees Celsius and below. They also give increased performance when the roads are covered in snow and ice.

How do winter tyres work?

Winter tyres are manufactured with a higher natural rubber content and from a softer compound than standard tyres. This allows the tyres to stay subtle once the temperature drops below 7C.

The tread on winter tyres is covered in tiny channels called ‘Sipes’ which allows water to be displaced at a faster rate. These Sipes also bite into the snow giving purchase and grip when needed. On the downside, winter tyres tend to be less responsive in milder conditions and exhibit more lateral roll and under steer.

Why do I need to have four winter tyres fitted?

Running a vehicle with only a pair of winter tyres can cause an imbalance to the whole vehicle so it is vitally important that if you are buying winter tyres, four tyres should be purchased and fitted.

Do winter tyres really make a difference?

The simple answer to this is yes, winter tyres work significantly better than standard tyres. In wintry conditions a family hatchback fitted with winter tyres will stop from 50mph up to 18metres shorter than a car fitted with standard tyres.

Winter tyres have become mandatory in countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Austria yet only 3.1% of new tyres sold in the UK are winter tyres. Whether this is due to the costs involved or whether people do not see winter tyres as a necessity with our unpredictable weather is not clear.

One clear fact that emerges from hundreds of tests is that it is the tyres that are fitted to the vehicle and not the vehicle itself that will look after you this winter.

etyres Stockport supply and fit a wide range of winter tyres to suit all budgets and we are currently offering £25 off all sets of winter tyres.

Our etyres Stockport customers also benefit from our mobile service which means you can have your new winter tyres fitted at your home and store your regular tyres in your garage or shed, ready to be re-fitted in the spring.