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Advice on switching from run-flat to regular tyres
September 9, 2014

A lot of the latest BMW cars are now fitted with standard tyres due to complaints by the drivers that the car gives a firmer ride with run-flat tyres on. Switching from run-flat tyres to standard tyres on Mini’s and BMWs is also now permitted by the vehicle manufacturer. However, we recommend you consider a couple of key issues before you make the change.

Firstly, the negative side to switching tyres is that no spare tyre is fitted on vehicles originally equipped with run-flat tyres, so you have the extra expense of buying a spare wheel and tyre.

On the positive side you will have a much smoother ride, due to more give in the tyres. Also, the cost of replacements are less expensive. We have found however that the price of run-flat tyres are slowly coming down, so if you are planning on switching from run-flat to regular tyres because of the cost, a wait-and-see policy might be the right course of action at this stage.

Finally, if you go ahead and swap your run-flat tyres for regular tyres, it is always advised that you communicate with your insurance company before you do, as it could invalidate your insurance if they have not been informed.

etyres Southampton specialise in giving the best advise for all BMW and Mini drivers, so if you are in any doubt do not hesitate to contact us on 023 8007 0100 and we will be happy to offer expert and impartial advice.

Do you need Tyron Bands in Southampton?
July 17, 2014

etyres are approved Tyron safety band fitters. Tyron bands are a potentially life saving safety device which are used on tyres to prevent a puncture or blowout.

etyres are recommended by the Caravan Club and the Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly magazine. The Caravan Club recommends Tyron bands be fitted to all caravans to prevent potential danger in the event of a tyre blowout – caravans have been known to flip over causing damage both to the caravan and the towing vehicle

Did you know Tyron bands have been used by first response vehicles and the military for years, and have now been made available to the general public?

For more information on how Tyron bands word, click here.

Tyron bands can be fitted to any vehicle, however they are especially beneficial to caravans, trailers and motorhomes. As it is harder for the driver to detect a puncture early on in these vehicles, they have the potential to be more dangerous.

Tyron safety bands are a simple safety upgrade to your existing tyre and only need to be purchased once per wheel.

etyres Southampton can supply and fit Tyron bands in Southampton and surrounding areas at a time and place convenient to you, so no need to navigate your caravan to the garage.

Give our friendly team a call on 023 8007 0100