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Is your vehicle fitted with a spare wheel?
September 16, 2014

Spare tyres are getting very scarce as more vehicle manufactures are taking out spare wheels and replacing them with a can of tyre filler. This is all well and good if you pick up a nail and spot that the tyre is leaking before you drive on it when it is flat, however seven out of ten times it gets driven on when flat making the tyre useless and irreparable, which means a replacement is needed.

This is why we recommend that a spare wheel is purchased so that in the event of a blowout at speed, you can still fit the spare and drive to safety.

Many of our etyres Southampton customers are not even aware that their vehicles are not fitted with a spare tyre until they need to use it and then find they haven’t got one, which often means they are left stranded and have to rely on a their breakdown service or find a garage that will come out in an emergency.

etyres Southampton have had nine such incidents so far this year, so we are urging our customers to double-check whether their vehicle is equipped with a spare wheel and if not to familiarise themselves with what they have to do in the case of a puncture or blowout.

Advice on switching from run-flat to regular tyres
September 9, 2014

A lot of the latest BMW cars are now fitted with standard tyres due to complaints by the drivers that the car gives a firmer ride with run-flat tyres on. Switching from run-flat tyres to standard tyres on Mini’s and BMWs is also now permitted by the vehicle manufacturer. However, we recommend you consider a couple of key issues before you make the change.

Firstly, the negative side to switching tyres is that no spare tyre is fitted on vehicles originally equipped with run-flat tyres, so you have the extra expense of buying a spare wheel and tyre.

On the positive side you will have a much smoother ride, due to more give in the tyres. Also, the cost of replacements are less expensive. We have found however that the price of run-flat tyres are slowly coming down, so if you are planning on switching from run-flat to regular tyres because of the cost, a wait-and-see policy might be the right course of action at this stage.

Finally, if you go ahead and swap your run-flat tyres for regular tyres, it is always advised that you communicate with your insurance company before you do, as it could invalidate your insurance if they have not been informed.

etyres Southampton specialise in giving the best advise for all BMW and Mini drivers, so if you are in any doubt do not hesitate to contact us on 023 8007 0100 and we will be happy to offer expert and impartial advice.