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“Could not ask for better service, will never buy my new tyres from garage again!”
Mr M Cross, South Shields – 27 January 2014

“Superb mobile tyre fitting service, plus the cheapest tyres I could find in South Shields. Tyre fitter was also very professional and explained the procedures to me. Excellent service from start to finish.”
Mr Lowe, Hebburn – 20th September 2013. Goodyear tyres on a Kia Sedona.

“The etyres home fitting service is a god send! No more down-time when I get a flat tyre!”
Miss Ashborne, Cleadon – 19th September 2013. Puncture repair on Nissan Micra.

“I was looking for tyres in South Shields and stumbled upon etyres.  I was delighted with every aspect of their service and couldn’t believe they could fit tyres at my home address for less than I could get them at my local garage!”
Mrs Clifford, Jarrow – 4th February 2013. Kenda tyres on a Renault Clio.

“Had a set of winter tyres fitted to my Mondeo in November and have felt safe and confident doing the school run through our unpredictable British winter!  Many thanks to etyres for a cost-effective, convenient service”
Mrs Purvis, South Shields – 24th January 2013. Winter tyres for a Ford Mondeo.

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etyres was the first online mobile tyres and battery retailer in the UK and has been operating a popular branch in South Shields, Jarrow, Hebburn, Sunderland and the surrounding areas since June 2007. We operate a free mobile tyre and battery fitting service, which means that we come to you and fit your tyres at time and location of your choice – at your home or workplace – so you don’t have to waste your time in a garage waiting for your tyres to be changed. Thousands of customers have returned time after time for car, van, 4×4, motorbike, caravan, runflat and light truck tyres, because of our fast and convenient service.

etyres South Shields also offer highly competitive prices for all tyres, including economy, mid-range and premium brands, such as Bridgestone and Michelin.  Our busy branch also carry out puncture repairs and supply and fit vehicle batteries to customers in South Shields and the surrounding areas, including North Shields, Wallsend and Jarrow.

Our service is very popular in the traditional seaside town of South Shields, which is steeped in rich history.  The birthplace of popular author Catherine Cookson, many of her novels are believed to have been inspired by her deprived childhood in the area.


Get to grips with your tyres this winter
December 6, 2014

Now is the time that the gritters begin getting ready to make our roads safer to drive on, as icy conditions start to become more common.

But when it comes to making sure you are safe on the roads this winter you should also take your own steps to minimise the risk of being involved in an incident or accident during the coming months when the conditions become more hazardous.

Breaking down is never a pleasant experience – especially on the motorway, a remote country lane or late at night, which is why it is important to make sure your tyres are ready to handle whatever the weather has to throw at them.

etyres South Shields recommend you ACT now and follow these simple steps to ensure your tyres are up to the job:

A – Air. Make sure your car tyres are properly inflated to ensure you get the maximum performance from them and are less likely to pick up a puncture or suffer a blow out at high speed

C – Condition. Give your car tyres a thorough visual inspection, looking out for cracks and bulges or signs of damage which again can lead to problems down the road

T – Tread. Check to make sure your car tyres have got the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. It is also worth remembering that at this time of year many motoring and safety groups recommend replacing your car tyres once the tread wears down to below 3mm. When inspecting your car tyres try turning the steering wheel to full lock so that you can see the inside edges of the tyres

If you discover you need new tyres or want to find out about the benefits of fitting winter tyres, we recommend you get your skates on and contact etyres South Shields as soon as possible.

Brand new economy tyres offer better value for money and safety than part-worns
November 28, 2014

Nobody likes having to spend money on new tyres, especially just weeks away from one of the most expensive times of the year, Christmas. But unfortunately tyres are a necessity, not a luxury that can be put off until another pay day.

However, many motorists are tempted to buy part-worn tyres because they think they are so much cheaper than brand new tyres, yet the reality is they are often not only very dangerous, but also work out costing you more money in the long run.

TyreSafe has carried out a lot of research into secondhand tyres and its latest investigation revealed that many of them not only expose drivers to frightening levels of risk, but also fail to meet minimum safety standards, which means they are illegal and could end up landing you with a fine of up to £2,500 and three points on your licence – and that is per tyre!

The leading tyre safety group also revealed that a study has revealed that new tyres are not only safer, but offer better value as the cost per useable mm of tread for a typical part-worn tyre can work out at around £6.33, whereas the equivalent cost for a new tyre is 16 per cent less, at just £5.32 per mm.

etyres South Shields only sell brand new tyres, but we think you will be very surprised when you find out that our economy tyre prices are not much more than you might pay for a secondhand tyre. However, what you are getting is the full 8mm of tread and a huge amount of peace of mind that your tyres are safe and have passed stringent EU safety checks.

Plus our highly competitive prices are kept lower because of our Discount Promise, which means you get £25 off if you buy four new tyres or £10 of you buy two or three.

For more information about the best deals for your new tyres, contact etyres South Shields for impartial advice from our tyre experts.