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“Newbie here, but I thought I’d share my experience of etyres in Birmingham. Found them on Blackberry whilst being low-loadered home yesterday afternoon, following front n/s blow-out on M6 at Knutsford (missing tube from tyre-weld kit – Doh!). Thought I’d give them a go as I could not drive the car anyway so needed a home-type-service without a £90 call-out fee!

“The chap came round today, very professional and knowledgeable – even asked me to check the manual for the correct wheel nut torque? When was the last time they did that at Kwik-fit?

“OK so the price; my tyre of choice was the Toyo TR1; I have them on the rear of my C32 AMG and I am very impressed so I thought I’d match both the fronts (due for replacement anyway). 2 x 225/40 18Y (186 mph rating!) £232 inc VAT all fitted. Excellent value and about as cheap as you can get them.

“Had never of dreamed of using a call-out tyre service (don’t know why not to be honest?) until needing a home service, but now I shall not hesitate to use them and certainly would recommend Philip who fitted my front rubber; credit where credit is due I say.”
G Allen, Solihull – 27/1/13

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etyres is a leading mobile tyre fitting company and we have a busy branch that covers Solihull and the surrounding areas. We come to you to fit your new car, van, motorhome, caravan or trailer tyres at your work or home. Our prices are highly competitive for economy, mid-range and all the premium brand tyres and include fitting, a new valve, electronic balancing, disposal of the old tyre and VAT.

etyres Solihull also repair punctures, which could save you quite a bit of money, plus we supply and fit batteries. Our mobile tyre fitting service also extends out to cover the surrounding areas, including Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Balsall Common Coventry and Warwick.


Snow in Solihull! Don’t forget to check your tyres…
November 23, 2014

Snow fell in Solihull as the Christmas lights were switched on in the town centre…of course it wasn’t actually snowing, it was just a bit of festive fun arranged by the organisers who hired a snow machine to make the event even more magical. However, it was a timely reminder that the weather is set to turn even colder and if you are thinking about fitting winter tyres, it’s time to get on with it.

Whether we’ll get real snow this winter remains to be seen, but what won’t come as a surprise is the bitterly cold temperatures and this is when winter tyres really come into their own.

There are a lot of misconceptions about winter tyres, the main one being that they are only worth fitting if there is snow on the roads, but this is not true.

Many people are unaware of the fact that when temperatures drop below 7 °C the rubber in standard tyres becomes harder and less flexible, which affects braking and cornering performance.
However, winter tyres are especially designed to provide optimum performance when cornering, braking and driving uphill or downhill in snowy and icy winter conditions. They use special compounds, blade and sipe technologies together with distinctive tread designs, which give the tyres a high grip on wet, snow and ice covered roads and can significantly reduce braking distances in winter weather.

etyres Solihull supply and fit a wide range of winter tyres to suit all vehicles and budgets and our mobile tyre fitting service means you can easily store your regular tyres in your garage and we will return in the spring and swap them back again for a nominal fee.

Also, our Discount Promise means our highly competitive prices are always low and if you order a full set of four winter tyres we will give you £25 off.

Buying Cheap Budget Tyres? Information & Opinions on Safety Risks
September 1, 2013

The problem consumers face when buying tyres can be the cost of the better brands of car tyres. There is a huge wide range to choose from and this includes another option, cheap budget tyres. If you pop in to your local tyre branch the savings can be very appealing to customers.

Does half the cost mean half the quality?
If you are looking for car tyres you will notice some very high prices for the big brand tyres. Then you will notice the cheapest option and you may be inclined to think – are these tyres really that bad? Can the performance really be that much of a difference? After all, rubber is rubber right and they must be to the level of quality required to sell in the UK?

The major tyre companies undertake heavy research and development, looking into techniques surrounding the tread pattern, rubber compound, and the internal structure.
What did the car tyre test say?

Recently, the car buying magazine “What Car?” conducted this very test1. What was used in the test?
■Premium tyres: Michelin (£70), Goodyear (£60), and Continental (£58).
■Budget tyres: Arrowspeed (£44), Ovation (£37), and Sunew (£37).
■The car: Vauxhall Meriva
■Equipment: GPS-based timing equipment

Test 1 – stopping distances in dry conditions travelling at 70mph:
1.Michelin Pilot Sport 3 – 48.5 metres
2.Continental ContiPremium Contact 2 – 51.1 metres
3.Sunew YS112 – 52.2 metres
4.Goodyear Optigrip – 53.4 metres
5.Ovation VI-182 – 53.4 metres
6.ArrowSpeed CP661 – 53.9 metres

So comparing the best premium brand tyre against the worst budget tyre, the stopping difference was 5 metres longer for the budget tyre. Goodyear didn’t fair too well in this test did they?

Test 2 – stopping distances in wet conditions travelling at 70mph:
1.Michelin Pilot Sport 3 – 59.5 metres
2.Goodyear Optigrip – 62.1 metres
3.Continental ContiPremium Contact 2 – 64.3 metres
4.ArrowSpeed CP661 – 68.2 metres
5.Ovation VI-182 – 76.0 metres
6.Sunew YS112 – 82.4 metres

Looking at that there are some shocking differences. The budget tyres took an average of 14 metres longer than the premium tyres.

Two other tests were undertaken measuring the lateral grip (with the premium tyres showing better grip) and the cabin noise generated (which was roughly the same overall). You can watch a short video of the tyre test conducted by What Car?.

Tyre Blog opinion on cheap budget tyres?

Looking back at the overall results it is clear that there isn’t actually a direct correlation between the price of tyres and the quality of them. The stopping distances in the wet were alarming, but the rest of the tests show that there is only a small difference in quality – in some cases the budget beating the premium!