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“Impressive service on my doorstep.  Unbelievably easy.  Called the freephone number and got a quote which was cheaper than our usual garage had quoted.  Placed my order for four new tyres and they were fitted the next day.  Simple.”

Mrs J Pearson, Pontefract – 25/1/13

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Bank Holiday Travels
April 25, 2013

Kieran etyres Pontefract says,

Start checking your tyres now and be prepared for the bank holidays and avoid last minute rushes and hassles. etyres Pontefract point to research that last year just one motoring organisation reported more than 12,000 related tyre incidents alone. Here at etyres Pontefract we have the largest range of tyres to suit any motorists style or budget. If you want to avoid being a statistic this year make a simple check of your tyres and if you are unsure gives etyres Pontefract a call and we will advise you on all the tyres and there requirements. The state of the roads will effect greatly your tyres and if you are travelling any distance are you confident they are up to the job? Remember the legal limit is 1.6mm but the severe winter can have a great effect on your tyres so look for any cracking on the sides and if you have this is also the time to change those tyres regardless of tread depth. etyres Pontefract fit at home or work at no extra charge so no need to worry about going out on tyres your not happy with.

Check those tyres
April 4, 2013

Checking your tyres my seem a chore but etyres Pontefract have this advice. We are going to a number of tyres that have been on vehicles be it cars or caravans and they seem to have plenty of tread wear, however rubber can and does detireate over time and it can cause cracks and splitting in the sidewalls of the tyres and in the grooves of the tyres. etyres Pontefract are always available to advise you on the condition of your tyres and will come and check your tyres when in the area to ensure they are safe and that you can have piece of mind when driving. If you also look at the poor state of the roads it is also more important that your tyres are in the best condtions possible. Remember etyres Pontefract come at home or work so no need to take time out of your day.



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