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“Extremely impressed with the etyres mobile tyre fitting service. They came to my work address to fit my new tyres in Newcastle, whilst I drank tea and watched from the office window! How easy is that!”
Mrs T Parker, Regent Centre Gosforth – 28 January 2014

“Just wanted to let you know that your Newcastle area fitter Jeremy who fitted my tyres today on Christmas Eve was a pleasure to deal with. Polite courteous did a fantastic job (even thanked me for having clean wheels and making his life easy!). A fantastic brand image for you as a company. Keep it up and you will have me a customer for many more years. First ordered from you in 2004 I believe and never been beaten on price since. Merry Christmas to you all.” Mr T Christopher, Newcastle – December 2013

“I’m so pleased I discovered etyres. They were the cheapest in Newcastle for my new tyres and completely hassle free. Will definitely recommend them.” Mr Isaacs, Continental tyres, Audi A4, September 2013.

“Flat tyre sorted quickly by mobile tyre fitters etyres. I normally buy premium tyres until etyres explained the new ratings on economy and mid-range tyres. Etyres has saved me both money and time, so I’m a happy customer!” Mr Felling, mid-range tyre, Citroen Xsara Picasso, July 2013

“Would recommend etyres to everyone – great service and cheap too!” Mrs Cole, Goodyear tyres, Landrover Freelander, April 2013

“etyres is great value for money and a prompt and friendly service. I would highly recommend them for new tyres and puncture repairs – I’ve had both!” Mr Potts, Subaru, Budget tyres, 5th September 2012

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Part worn tyres are also part safe tyres – always buy brand new tyres
August 19, 2014

If you are thinking about fitting part worn tyres to your vehicle in order to save yourself a bit of money, you need to read this short blog.

A staggering 98 per cent of part worn tyres are sold illegally and 34 per cent of part worn tyres contain potentially dangerous forms of damage or non-compliance, according to a month long UK investigation carried out on a random sample of 50 part worn tyres by TyreSafe

The UK’s leading tyre safety group also calculated that part worn tyres are a false economy, because the average cost per mm of useable tread works out at £6.33 per mm for a part worn tyre, compared to a much better £5.32 per mm for a new tyre.

TyreSafe has also revealed that braking distances on wet roads are also vastly different. While a new tyre with 8mm of tread can stop in 25.9m if braking on wet roads at 50mph, it takes a part worn tyre with 1.6mm much longer, a staggering 37.8m in fact.

Remember your tyres are the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road surface and so they play a critical role in keeping you and your passengers safe.

If you need new tyres, but want to get the best deal possible, choose etyres Newcastle. Our highly competitive prices are currently even lower thanks to our Summer Sale and you get an extra £25 off if you buy four or more new tyres or a £10 discount if you order two or three new tyres.

Why etyres Newcastle is a perfect fit for families
August 5, 2014

We are well into the summer holidays now and as every parent knows, when something goes wrong and you have got the kids at home, it can mean extra hassle.

But it need not be the case if you need new tyres, because etyres Newcastle offer a mobile tyre fitting service, which means we come to you, whether you are at home or work to fit your new tyres.

So for anyone with children, our service is an absolute must. Instead of loading the little ones into the car and heading down to your nearest – and not necessarily cheapest – garage or tyre depot, just give us a call and we will come to you and fit your new tyres.

The children can carry on playing, sleeping, watching TV or whatever they are in to, they can even watch our team fit your new tyres, but the fact is they are not sprawled out on a dirty waiting room floor or asking you for money for the drinks/sweet machine!

Not only is our mobile tyre fitting service miles more convenient, our highly competitive prices are also currently even lower thanks to our Summer Sale. If you order four or more new tyres now you can save yourself £25 or if you just need two or three new tyres you get an extra £10 off

Convenient service on your doorstep and low prices…you don’t need a maths GCSE to see etyres Newcastle offer top class service.