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“Extremely impressed with the etyres mobile tyre fitting service. They came to my work address to fit my new tyres in Newcastle, whilst I drank tea and watched from the office window! How easy is that!”
Mrs T Parker, Regent Centre Gosforth – 28 January 2014

“Just wanted to let you know that your Newcastle area fitter Jeremy who fitted my tyres today on Christmas Eve was a pleasure to deal with. Polite courteous did a fantastic job (even thanked me for having clean wheels and making his life easy!). A fantastic brand image for you as a company. Keep it up and you will have me a customer for many more years. First ordered from you in 2004 I believe and never been beaten on price since. Merry Christmas to you all.” Mr T Christopher, Newcastle – December 2013

“I’m so pleased I discovered etyres. They were the cheapest in Newcastle for my new tyres and completely hassle free. Will definitely recommend them.” Mr Isaacs, Continental tyres, Audi A4, September 2013.

“Flat tyre sorted quickly by mobile tyre fitters etyres. I normally buy premium tyres until etyres explained the new ratings on economy and mid-range tyres. Etyres has saved me both money and time, so I’m a happy customer!” Mr Felling, mid-range tyre, Citroen Xsara Picasso, July 2013

“Would recommend etyres to everyone – great service and cheap too!” Mrs Cole, Goodyear tyres, Landrover Freelander, April 2013

“etyres is great value for money and a prompt and friendly service. I would highly recommend them for new tyres and puncture repairs – I’ve had both!” Mr Potts, Subaru, Budget tyres, 5th September 2012

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October marks the launch of Tyre Safety Month
October 1, 2014

October has seen the launch of several high profile campaigns, including Stoptober and Sober October, with calls to stop smoking and drinking alcohol, but we would like to remind everyone about an equally important campaign – Tyre Safety Month.

Of course, tyre safety should be paramount all year round, but we understand that many of our customers are just too pressed for time to carry out monthly checks to make sure their tyres remain safe and legal, but that is why the TyreSafe campaign is so vital.

As we leave the summer months behind and head into winter, driving conditions are expected to get worse. It seems like a long time ago now, but 2013 was actually the wettest winter in the UK on record and although we have just one of the driest and warmest September’s on record, weather forecasters are predicting plenty of wet and windy weather over the coming weeks and so it is essential that your tyres have adequate tread depth to cope with rain-soaked roads.

If your tyres do not have at least the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm, your safety will be compromised, because you will probably not be able to brake, accelerate or corner properly.

It is a simple fact that the tread grooves on your tyre help to evacuate the water from the contact patch between your tyre and the road surface, allowing your car to stay rooted to the road properly. Incredibly, tyres with a decent tread depth can typically clear enough water from a wet road to fill a bucket in around 7 seconds. Take away this capability and you will end up aquaplaning, which means you lose temporary control of your vehicle. This can be a terrifying experience and not one you will ever want to repeat.

Yet by spending a few minutes checking your tread depth you can minimise the risk of aquaplaning and help to stay safe on the roads in your car. If you are not sure how to measure your tyre tread depth, click here and watch Vicki Butler Henderson demonstrate how quick and easy a task it really is.

And remember, if you need new tyres, our highly competitive prices are currently even lower thanks to our special discount, which gives you £25 off if you order four new tyres or £10 if you buy two or three new tyres.

Are you warming to the idea of winter tyres?
September 16, 2014

With the arrival of autumn, it is time to get your car ready for the dramatic changes that can affect driving conditions on our roads.

Some of our customers are already planning ahead and ordering their winter tyres to be fitted from next month, while they can take advantage of our Back to School Sale and secure £25 off when they order four new tyres.

Although we didn’t see much snow last year, the previous few winters have been very harsh and caused chaos on our roads and it is much better to be prepared in advance rather than rushing to have winter tyres fitted when your car is buried under a pile of snow!

The fact is, you also benefit from using winter tyres on slush, ice, frost, wet roads and, crucially, when the temperature drops below 7C, the latter is because winter tyres do not harden like standard tyres at lower temperatures, this means they deliver much better grip and the ability to stop in a shorter distance.

These are the reasons why, if you are considering fitting winter tyres, we recommend you order them as soon as possible to get the maximum benefit and value for money.

We advise our customers to have their winter tyres fitted from October and then, if you wish, you can remove them and swap them over with your regular tyres in the spring, this guarantees you get the maximum benefit of
having winter tyres from the first day the mercury drops below 7C and when the snow starts to fall.

To find out more about the advantages of fitting winter tyres and how etyres Newcastle provide a mobile fitting service, which means you can switch back and forth between your winter and regular tyres, storing the spare set in your garage, call us on 0191 4490081 for expert advice and a highly competitive quote.