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“You were so helpful last time, I thought I would call you this time” Dunlop tyres on a BMW Mini – MrK, Costock

“Thanks for the lift to where I had left my car” Pirelli tyres on a Peugeot 307 – MrS, Loughborough

“I’m impressed that you have turned up in snow like this” Goodyear tyres on a Ford Galaxy – MrD, Quorn

“Thanks for the advice on tyre care” Event tyres on a Volvo S60 – MrH, Loughborough November 2010

“Great service, thanks.” Continental tyres on a Renault Clio – MrL, Loughborough

“Your van is kitted out with everything you need, I wouldn’t have thought it possible until now.” Contiental tyres on a VW Golf – MrH, Loughborough

“you have cured the judder on my steering which two services at the main dealer didn’t.” Avon tyres on a Nissan Almera - MsG, Cossington August2010

“First time I have used a mobile service, I certainly will again after this experience.” Capitol tyres on a Ford Mondeo – MrsC, Quorn July 2010

“I am grateful to you for fitting a tyre to my new, spare alloy wheel.” Continental tyres on a Ford Focus – MrR,

“My wife told me to contact Etyres because she has used the Nottingham branch, at work recently.” Michelin Primacy tyres on a VW Touran – MrK, AstraZeneca, Loughborough

“I didn’t think twice about using Etyres when I needed a new tyre again this time.” Dunlop Sport tyres on a BMW 3 series – Ms F Rothley May 2010
“What a painless process!”
- Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres on a VW Golf - Mr M, Cropston

“Thanks for negotiating a fitting time with me.” - Bridgestone Tyres on an Alfa Romeo spider - Mr P, Loughborough May 2010

“I will call you to fit tyres on my mother’s car next.” - Michelin tyres on an Audi A3 - Mr Woolley, Mountsorrel

“I will only use Etyres from now on.” - Primewell tyres on a Vauxhall Vectra - Mr Brooks, Burton-on-the-Wolds

“Giving me an estimated arrival time with a window of an hour or so, was much better than being told to wait in from between 8.30am and 1pm, like I have to with some companies” Mr Pearce – Loughborough

“You provide a very efficient and polite service, thank you.” Mr Guice – Rothley

“I am so glad I haven’t had to sit around at a garage waiting for my tyres to be changed; I find the atmosphere can be rather intimidating. Etyres service has been so straightforward.” Ms Price – Loughborough

“Your prices for tyres were already very competitive, but with my staff discount scheme from my employer,they were cheaper still.“ Mr Houghton – Loughborough – March 2010

“I always encourage my family and friends to try Etyres service. It’s always convenient and well priced.“ Mr Halford

“Thanks for giving me an accurate time of arrival for fitting my tyres. I could fit in a doctor’s appointment, and some shopping, and be back in time for the fitting.“
Mrs Appleton – Loughborough

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