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Great service from etyres Leicester. Came to my office and fitted two new Michelin tyres while I carried on working. I am more than happy to recommend you.”
D Grainger, Leicester – September 2014

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Same day fitting orders must be placed by telephone subject to availability and a small additional charge.

Next day fitting & Saturday fitting subject to availability.

etyres is a popular nationwide online tyre company operating a convenient service fitting tyres at your home or work in Leicester and the surrounding areas. Our mobile service means we come to you and fit your new car, van, motorhome, caravan or trailer tyres at a time that suits you.

All our prices for economy, mid-range and premium tyres, such as top brands like Bridgestone and Pirelli, are always highly competitive and include fitting, a new valve, balancing, disposal of the old tyre and VAT.

As well as offering a wide range of tyres to suit all vehicles, including run-flats, 4×4’s and winter tyres, etyres Leicester also carry out puncture repairs, supply and fit batteries and install Tyron safety bands.

If you are searching for tyres in Leicester you can order online now on our user-friendly website or by calling our national sales team on 0800 028 9000 or 0333 323 9000 for a local rate from a mobile phone.


The difference between symmetric, asymmetric and directional tyres
October 15, 2014

etyres Leicester would like to provide a brief description of the types of tyres available, such asymmetric or directional.

Symmetric tyres
Firstly, standard cars may have standard tyres which have the same tread pattern on both sides of the tyre.

Asymmetric Tyres
These tyres have a different tread pattern from the inner to the outer side of the tyre, the outer side larger stiffer tread blocks to help with cornering, whilst the inner side has smaller tread blocks to help release water providing more grip on wet surfaces. The middle of tyre has a similar tread pattern to help with the stability of the tyre.
With asymmetric tyres there are marks printed on the sidewalls indicating which side of the tyre should face outwards and inwards, marked as ‘Outside’ and ‘Inside’.

Directional Tyres
This tyres tread is designed a certain way to help release water from the front of the tyre giving better wet grip and traction. These tyres usually have arrow heads pointing to the way it should rotate, in some circumstances the tread itself will point to a direction. If these tyres are fitted incorrectly, there will be no harm apart from not receiving the full benefit of the tyre.

etyres Leicester supply and fit a range of tyres to suit all vehicles and budgets, including economy, mid-range and all the premium brands, such as Michelin, Bridgestone and Pirelli. You can order online by entering your tyre size in the search boxes on the left or contact etyres Leicester on 0116 217 9419 for expert and impartial advice.

What to do if your tyres suffer pothole damage
October 8, 2014

Potholes are estimated to cause as many as one in 10 mechanical failures to cars on UK roads and cost motorists an estimated £730 million every year, which is why etyres Leicester want to offer some useful advice.

At low speed, hitting a deep pothole can cause damage to tyres, wheels and steering alignment but the cost of repair probably won’t justify an insurance claim and so you will be looking to buy a replacement out of your own pocket.

However, hitting a deep pothole at higher speed can cause severe damage not just to your tyre but to your alloy wheel and suspension. It could also lead to loss of control which can result in a collision with other vehicles or roadside objects, such as bollards or kerbs.

The first thing to remember after you hit a pothole is that you must pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and check your wheels and tyres to make sure it is safe to continue driving. However, damage to tyres may not be immediately apparent and may only present itself as a slow puncture, so keep checking your tyres for the next few days.

According to

• Potholes are a major factor in causing axle and suspension failure, which costs British motorists an estimated £2.8 billion every year

• Authorities currently pay out more than £30 million in compensation claims due to poor roads

• Road maintenance in England and Wales is underfunded by around 55%, or £1 billion every year

If you need to replace your tyres after driving over a pothole, it is worth remembering that etyres Leicester operate a mobile tyre fitting service, which means we come to you and fit your tyres at your home or work, so you don’t have to risk causing more damage to your tyre by driving on it.

You can order online using the search box on the left or call etyres Leicester on 0116 217 9418 for expert and impartial advice.