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Great service from etyres Leicester. Came to my office and fitted two new Michelin tyres while I carried on working. I am more than happy to recommend you.”
D Grainger, Leicester – September 2014

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Same day fitting orders must be placed by telephone subject to availability and a small additional charge.

Next day fitting & Saturday fitting subject to availability.

etyres is a popular nationwide online tyre company operating a convenient service fitting tyres at your home or work in Leicester and the surrounding areas. Our mobile service means we come to you and fit your new car, van, motorhome, caravan or trailer tyres at a time that suits you.

All our prices for economy, mid-range and premium tyres, such as top brands like Bridgestone and Pirelli, are always highly competitive and include fitting, a new valve, balancing, disposal of the old tyre and VAT.

As well as offering a wide range of tyres to suit all vehicles, including run-flats, 4×4’s and winter tyres, etyres Leicester also carry out puncture repairs, supply and fit batteries and install Tyron safety bands.

If you are searching for tyres in Leicester you can order online now on our user-friendly website or by calling our national sales team on 0800 028 9000 or 0333 323 9000 for a local rate from a mobile phone.


etyres Leicester drive home important wet weather tyre safety advice
November 13, 2014

etyres Leicester want to reinforce the message about driving safety in the wet. Did you know that 2013 was the wettest winter in the UK on record and in wet weather, it’s essential that your car’s tyres have adequate tread depth. Without it, your safety on the road will be compromised and you may not be able to brake, accelerate or corner properly.

The tread grooves on your tyre help to evacuate the water from the contact patch between your tyre and the road surface so that your car can grip the road properly. In wet conditions, tyres with a good tread depth can typically clear enough water from the road to fill a bucket in around 7 seconds!

Without sufficient tread depth your tyres may not be able to cope properly and you face an increased risk of aquaplaning. If this has ever happened to you, you’ll know what a frightening experience this can be as you have no control of the car.

What can you do?

Improving your safety in the wet and reducing your aquaplaning risk is simple. You just need to check your tyre tread depth regularly and replace your tyres when they are becoming worn.

The legal minimum tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm across the central three quarters of the tyre around its entire circumference. Driving on tyres which are below this limit is not only dangerous but illegal and you could face a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points for each illegal tyre!

To see if your tyres have enough tread depth, you just need to take the 20p test. Simply insert 20p coin into the main grooves of your tyre. If you can see the outer band of the 20p coin when it’s placed in the tyre, then the tyres may be dangerous and illegal and are very likely to need replacing as soon as possible.

If you discover you need new tyres you can order online now or by calling etyres Leicester on 0116 217 9418.

New tyre technology from Michelin
November 5, 2014

etyres Leicester wanted to highlight what tyre companies are doing in regards to developing new tyre technology.

Michelin opens market research lab
Michelin has set up a unique driving laboratory that operates in real time and is equipped with special measuring devices that use the latest Internet of Things technologies. These devices have been installed on 2,800 vehicles throughout Europe, on cars that are part of automobile fleets or belong to individuals, ranging from beginner to more experienced drivers.

In the three-year study, which began last June, each of the drivers are monitored every time they use their vehicle. The data gathered will include the number of kilometers driven and the speed. The devices will record each time the driver accelerates or applies the brakes, both on straights and when cornering. Analyzed and cross-referenced with weather data and information about the roads’ curviness and surface condition, the data will enable Michelin to further improve its understanding of driving habits so that its innovations will be ever more relevant.

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We stock a variety of tyre brands, including Michelin. Search for new tyres using our online search facility or call us on 0800 028 9000 or on 0333 323 9000 at a local rate from a mobile.