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Save time and money with our mobile tyre fitting service
August 19, 2014

We all lead busy lives, especially during the school holidays, when the children are around more and you are trying to fit their activities into your routine.

So needing something like a new tyre can really throw a spanner in the works, if it means packing the kids into the car and heading off to a local garage or tyre fitting depot – but not if you choose etyres Epsom.

Our mobile tyre fitting service is always a hit with motorists who don’t want to waste their time driving to a fast-fit depot and hanging around in a waiting room, but it is equally popular with busy families.

etyres Epsom come to your work or home to fit your new tyres, so you can get on with your daily routine, whether you are in meetings or playing games in the garden, and our convenient mobile tyre fitting service is included in our highly competitive prices.

And you can currently save even more money when you choose etyres Epsom, thanks to our Summer Sale, which means you get £25 off if you buy four or more new tyres or a £10 discount if you order two or three new tyres.

Tyre labels help you choose the right tyre for your driving style and budget
August 5, 2014

If you need to buy new tyres we recommend you spare a few minutes to find out about the tyre labeling system, which will help you make a more informed choice about which one is best suited to your driving style and budget.

All new tyres are labeled according to their performance in three key areas: wet braking, fuel efficiency and noise emission. The labels are clear and simple to understand because they use graphics, like those found on many domestic appliances such as fridges and freezers, to display the information.

This means that whether you are buying an economy, mid-range or premium brand tyre, you can compare each tyre in a wide variety of price ranges to make sure the tyre you select fulfills your needs and falls within your budget. And you can actually see for yourself how a Bridgestone compares to a budget tyre or make a proper comparison between a Michelin tyre and a mid-range alternative.

All the tyres displayed our etyres website are accompanied by their own label and we think you will be pleasantly surprised to see how well many mid-range tyres compare to their more expensive premium brand rivals.

To help you make the most of the tyre labelling legislation, we have also compiled a special guide available for all our etyres Epsom customers to view here.