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Why part-worn tyres are not worth the risk
August 26, 2014

If you need new tyres and are tempted to buy part-worns to save yourself a bit of money, we recommend you watch this video nasty from TyreSafe.

The short film exposes the potential perils of choosing secondhand tyres, instead of paying a little bit extra for the added peace of mind of brand new tyres. Economy tyres have to pass rigorous safety inspections before they can be sold and all have 8mm of tread.

During a month long investigation, during which TyreSafe purchased a random sample of 50 part-worn tyres, it discovered that 98 per cent were being sold illegally and more than a third contained dangerous forms of damage or non-compliance.

The tyres were inspected by an independent tyre expert who reported one tyre as having the “potential to kill” as it still contained a metal object penetrating 5cm through the tread in a manner which was likely to result in sudden and total tyre failure had it been fitted to a vehicle.

Other serious safety breaches included dangerous and unsafe repairs, exposed cords, bead damage and evidence of runflat damage.

There are a number of regulations that exist to regulate the part-worn tyre trade, however it is obvious from the TyreSafe investigation that these are not being adhered to.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, warned: “Not only are drivers putting their own lives at risk, but they are also endangering their passengers, which in many cases may be their children, and other road users. Before buying part worn tyres I would urge drivers to ask themselves if the risk of buying part worn tyres is really worth it?”

If you need new tyres and want to keep the cost down, we recommend you consider fitting economy or mid-range tyres to your vehicle. They might be a little bit more expensive than part-worns, but they will last longer, help your vehicle be more fuel efficient (thus saving your pounds at the pumps) and they will reduce the chances of being involved in a motoring incident, which could lead to an accident and an even bigger dent in your wallet.

etyres Durham supply and fit a wide range of tyres to suit all budgets, including economy, mid-range and all the premium brands, call us now for expert and impartial advice about the best tyres for your vehicle and your budget.

Watch our short film and learn how to change a tyre
August 12, 2014

There are valuable lessons in life we should all take time to learn – and one of them is knowing how to change a tyre.

It becomes even more imperative if you have a young family and regularly take them out and about in your car. The prospect of being stranded at a roadside, particularly at night, is even worse if you have got a car full of bored, hungry or tired children.

Yet by sparing a few minutes to watch out short ‘How to change a tyre” video, you can familiarise yourself with what to do if you need to fit your spare tyre in an emergency.

To prove how straight-forward it is, and the fact that you don’t need to have the upper-arm strength of Andy Murray, we invited 10-year-old William to demonstrate how easy and simple it is.

The video lasts just over three minutes – you can watch it while having a cup of coffee – and once you can see how easy it is to change your own tyre it will give you that extra bit of peace of mind, knowing that you could cope if you ever find yourself stranded with a flat tyre.

And once you are safe and sound, you can contact etyres Durham to have your damaged tyre repaired or replaced.