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“Best price I could find after shopping around on the internet and making calls.  The mobile service provided by Dave was excellent.  Thank you etyres.”
D Edwards, Consett – 2/11/12

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etyres is a leading mobile tyre company and we offer a popular service fitting tyres in Consett and the surrounding areas.  We supply and fit tyres for cars, vans, motorhomes, caravans and trailers at your home or work and we cater for all budgets, from economy and mid-range to all the premium brands, including Michelin, Bridgestone and Pirelli.  Our customers have been returning to us for many years, safe in the knowledge that our highly competitive prices are extended over our entire range including run-flats, 4×4’s and winter tyres.

Our free mobile fitting service is very popular in Consett, which is perched on the steep eastern bank of the River Derwent, high on the edge of the Pennines.  Once one of the world’s most prominent steel-making towns, its legacy lives on in the form of Blackpool Tower.  One of its most famous son’s has got to be Mr Bean and Blackadder comedy actor Rowan Atkinson.

As well as catering for all your tyre needs, etyres also offer a puncture repair service and supply and fit batteries in Consett and the surrounding areas, including Leadgate, Tanfield, Shotley Bridge and Lanchester.


Make sure your tyres don’t cause an MOT fail
October 25, 2014

Did you know that 2.2 million cars failed their MOT because of the state of their tyres last year? We hope yours wasn’t one of them and if it was we recommend you follow our advice to make sure it never happens again!

Your safety on the road is totally dependent upon the condition of your tyres so it’s vital that you check them at least once a month and not just before you take your MOT.

Tyres are so simple to check, there are three basic areas to cover:

1. Tread – tyre tread depths should also be examined to ensure they are well above the legal minimum of 1.6mm across the central three quarters of the tyres around its entire circumference

2. Pressure – tyre pressures should be checked to ensure they are in line with the vehicle manufacturers recommended settings

3. Condition – inspect your tyres for signs of damage, such as bulges, cuts or cracks. Also objects embedded in the rubber, including nails and stones, which can lead to slow punctures or blow outs at high speed.

If you discover that you need new tyres remember that etyres Consett supply and fit a wide range to suit all budgets, including economy, mid-range and all the premium brands, such as Bridgestone and Pirelli. Our free mobile tyre fitting service means we come to you and fit your new tyres or carry out a puncture repair so you don’t have to find the time to go to a garage or tyre depot. Also, our Discount Promise means our prices are always low and you receive an extra £25 off if you buy four new tyres or £10 if you order two or three tyres.

Make sure your car battery doesn’t let you down as the temperatures drop
October 8, 2014

Winter always put an extra strain on car batteries, because the colder they get the more power our engines need to get them going. Added to this are all the extra demands we put on our batteries at this time of year, such as heaters, seat warmers, windscreen wipers, headlights, plus all the other chargers and gadgets we travel with these days, like mobile phones, sat navs and iPods.

So it is hardly surprising that flat batteries such a common cause of breakdown call-outs at this time of year, but you can take a few steps to make sure you are not left stranded inside a car that’s going nowhere this winter.

First of all, don’t overwork the battery when you’re trying to start your car. If your engine does not start first time, operate the starter in ten second bursts and then turn the ignition off for 30 seconds, before trying again. Also, turn off any electrical accessories as soon as they are no longer required. Heated rear windscreens tend to work in conjunction with heated mirrors and consume a lot of electrical energy.

The shelf-life for a car battery is around five years and after that it cannot be relied upon to get vehicles started on cold mornings. There are tell-tale signs to look out for that indicate a car battery is on its last legs, for example, sluggish starting and dimmer lights when the engine turns over, both of which should prompt motorists to order a replacement.

etyres Consett supply and fit a wide range of car batteries to suit every vehicle. Its price for a brand new car battery includes fitting, disposal of the old battery and VAT – plus every car battery supplied and fitted by etyres comes with a three year guarantee.

Our customers also benefit from our mobile fitting service which means you can have your new car battery fitted at your home or work – which is even more convenient if the vehicle will not start due to a flat battery!