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My Dad suggested I use etyres, he has been a regular customer.  Thanks for fitting me in today, this is much better than going to a garage. L Harries – Minety 25/10/13

Very impressed with your level of service and a great deal on a set of 4 tyres!  H Felix – Fairford 16/10/13

Thought I’d give you a quick ring to say how happy I am with the same day service you offer.  Ordered Falken tyres this morning and fitted by 3 pm.  P Archer – Cirencester 11/10/13

Had a pair of Nexen tyres fitted the same day. Great service, thanks! T Bates – Siddington 09/10/13

The EU tyre labels are really helpful. Makes life a lot easy choosing tyres. I like the new web site too.  G Illingworth – Cirencester 07/10/13

Could I have 2x Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance tyres fitted to my Skoda, the same size you fitted to my wifes Focus. They are brilliant in the wet. Excellent recomendation, thank you. D Marks – Bibury 04/10/13

I am new to this area.  How refreshing to find the etyres service is as good here as where I was before. Thank you for providing and excellent product. W Hanley – Lechlade 26/09/13

Great service you guys give! Cheapest tyres I could find locally and a mobile fitting service too.  Thanks, see you next time for my tyres!. P Tanner – Fairford 24/09/13

Excellent service as always. Repaired puncture the same afternoon! W Hadley – Lechlade 17/09/13

Thank you for fitting the General Grabber AT tyres you recommended.  I’ve had lots of different brand tyres fitted to my Land Rover, they are the best yet, thanks once again. D Youngs – Malmesbury 13/09/13

I wanted to thank you for fitting the Goodyear tyres you recommended earlier in the week.  Its like driving a different car! D Quick  – Cirencester 06/09/13

Puctured tyre replaced within 2 hours.  Pass on my thanks to the fitter, great job. D Hill – Ashton Keynes 21/08/12

Great service! A quick and easy way to buy tyres. P Norton – Cirencester 14/08/13

Just a quick call to thank you for fitting the 2 tyres to my Audi on Thursday. Very impressed with the service. J Belling  – Stratton 02/08/13

Fast service, cheap tyres and all done the same day!. M Black – Cirencester 26/07/13

Needed a budget tyre the same day. Rung Paul and he was with me within 90 minutes. Unbeatable service.  P Leonard – Lechlade 18/07/13

Thanks for fitting the Continental tyres to my Passat earlier this week.  Very impressed with the whole etyres experience and will recommend. J Welch – Lechlade 09/07/13

Replaced tyres within 2 hours after I picked up acouple of nails. Excellent service! S Charles – Ashton Keynes 28/06/13

Big thank you for the prompt service you gave yesterday to repair my picture.  Will recommend. P Harold – Cirencester 19/06/13

Quick and reliable service and the Bridgstone runflat tyres were way cheaper than the BMW dealer. Thank you. N Davies – Siddington 06/06/13

Kumho tyres ordered yesterday and fitted this morning. Excellent! D Drake – Faiford 03/06/13

Having the EU tyre labelling to refer to before I buy tyres is really helpful.  P Patterson Cirencester 27/05/13

Great job and thank you for squeezing me in today,  I prefer these Dunlop tyres to the Continentals you put on last time. B Thompson – South Cerney 17/05/13

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How to ensure you have a smooth tyre fitting
June 26, 2014

At etyres Cirencester we pride ourselves on the high standard of the mobile tyre fitting service we offer our customers and in order for your appointment to go smoothly we recommend you take the following steps to avoid any unnecessary problems or delays:

Before you order your tyres make sure you have the correct size. This may sound like common sense, but we still get customers who order the wrong size tyres. Please physically check the size on the wall of the tyres you are changing. It will be a set of dimensions similar to: 205/55/R16 – 94W. This set of figures varies depending on your make and model of vehicle and is extremely important. Don’t use websites where you input the vehicle’s registration number to get the tyres size. In our experience these sites can be notoriously inaccurate despite what they claim.

If you have a recent model BMW, if will probably have runflat tyres fitted. This will be marked on the side wall of the tyre. Some manufactures will mark it very clearly, others will not. Please be aware that runflat tyres cost more than normal tyres and so some customer opt for a cheaper alternative, however, due to the different characteristics between the two types of tyre, we will not mix runflat tyres with standard tyres. So if you go from one type to the other you need to change all four tyres. This practise is not uncommon. Some manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes fit different size tyres front and back on some of their models.

Once you have placed the order, check it again to make sure it is correct. If you have ordered online or have provided an email address, you will receive an order confirmation email shortly after. Please check it is correct, if it is not, contact us at your earliest convenience to amend the order.

Make sure the fitter can gain sufficient access to your vehicle and it’s on firm, reasonably level ground. Busy main roads are dangerous. Multi storey car parks usually have a height restriction as do some public and company car parks which the etyres vans can’t get into. Very narrow or overgrown driveways have been an obstacle, as have houses in courtyards as these are often accessed through low archways.

Check you have the locking wheel nut key if one is fitted. Most vehicles with alloy wheels fitted will have this device fitted as one of the wheel nut/bolts. It will be different to the others. WE CAN’T DO THE JOB WITHOUT IT! Please give this a little thought when you are booking your fitting and all will go smoothly.

Make sure your tyres don’t let you down at your MOT
April 29, 2014

An important part of the MOT test focuses on your vehicles tyres. The legal requirement for cars is a minimum depth of 1.6 mm over 75 per cent of the tread around the circumference of tyres in a continuous band. The remaining tread doesn’t need to be visible but must not have any signs of the tyres cords coming through. But some testers may fail the tyres where others would pass. This is down to the testers interpretation of the legislation.

To make sure your tyres are fit for the MOT, closely examine the tread. If you look closely you will see wear bar indicators in the groves of the tyres spaced at equal intervals, these vary depending on the tyre manufacturer, but are usually set at 2mm. Once the tread is level with these bars, you are advised to replace the tyres to ensure the vehicle passes the MOT. Watch our tyre tread checking video to see how easy it is.

Another easy way to check the tread depths of your tyres is to take the 20p test. Simply insert the coin on its end into the tyres groves at intervals across the tread width. If you can see the outer ring of the tyre it may be close to the legal limit, if not they should be fine. Always check the front tyres on a full steering lock as the front tyres often wear unevenly which is possibly due to bad alignment.

It is really important to be able to tell yourself if your tyres are illegal and need replacing. If you purchase new tyres on the advice of a garage and then discover they were not necessary to pass the MOT you have no grounds to appeal to VOSA because tyres fall outside the appeals process. We are often called out to replace tyres which our customers tell us they have been advised by a garage would cause an MOT fail, but are infact still safe and legal. In these cases we show our customers how to inspect the tread depth themselves and advise them when they are likely to need replacing in the future. We don’t mind not making a sale there and then and are confident you will return to us when you need your new tyres in the future.

We supply and fit a wide range of tyres to suit all budgets and our highly competitive prices are currently even lower, thanks to our Tyre Sale which means you get £10 off if you buy two or three new tyres or a £25 discount if you order four or more new tyres.