Select your tyre size

Select your tyre size using the search tool on the left and then browse through the extensive range of tyres available. etyres stock a range of tyres including economy tyres, mid-range and premium brands including Michelin tyres, Pirelli tyres and Continental tyres.

When selecting your tyres make sure you ask yourself the following questions to get the best tyre for your needs:

  • Do I drive predominantly in the city or countryside?
  • Do I frequently carry out long journeys?
  • How often do I use my car?
  • What is my driving style?
  • What weather conditions are most common?
  • Am I concerned about fuel usage?

Understanding tyre labels

Need more information? Use the etyres easy to understand tyre labeling sysem to help you chose the best tyre for your needs. Find out more about these EU regulated tyre labels here.

etyres do not advise selecting different tyres than those specified for your vehicle in the handbook as handling may be seriously affected. Don’t forget that if you’re unsure on the correct tyre for you needs you can call a member of the national sales team on 0800 028 9000 for more information.

Buy tyres online now by using the quick search tool on the left, sit back and relax while etyres come to you at home or work.

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