What are slow punctures?

A slow puncture occurs when a tyre gradually loses pressure over a period of time due to any one of a number of causes, including an object embedded in the tread such as a nail or damage caused by potholes. As the pressure in your tyre slowly drops, it will need to be topped up regularly to maintain accurate pressure levels. However, it should be noted that a slow puncture is considered a safety hazard.

Why are slow punctures a safety hazard?

Slow punctures can be dangerous as they can lead to blowouts at high speeds. These can be both terrifying and potentially fatal. A blowout will render the vehicle impossible to handle and puts at risk the lives of not only the car’s driver but also those of passengers and other road users. Early detection of tyre damage or a slow puncture can avert a disaster.

etyres operates a mobile puncture repair service, which means we come to a convenient location to repair the puncture. In the event that the puncture cannot be repaired a new tyre can be fitted. Vehicle owners do not have to take any unnecessary risks or cause more damage to their vehicle by driving it to a tyre depot or garage.

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