Yokohama presents its latest eco-friendly BluEarth tyres

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Yokohama tyres presented the latest edition to its fuel-efficient “BluEarth” range for passenger cars in Europe at the Geneva motor show.

Most sizes of the new BluEarth-A, which is will be introduced from this spring, have been awarded the C grade for rolling resistance and A for wet performance, as part of the European tyre labelling regulation.

According to Yokohama tyres, the application of a “nano-blend compound” based on its advance compound technology, combined with an asymmetrical tread pattern, provide BluEarth-A tyres with superior wet grip, while also enhancing their fuel efficiency and abrasion resistance.

In addition, the BluEarth-A tyres employ a “noise-controlled pitch” which contributes to a quieter ride by suppressing the occurance of uneven tyre wear.

The eco-friendly tyres unique profile holds up well under the weight of large sedans and helps ensure a high level of control stability. Yokohama has applied its proprietary aerodynamic technologies to reduce air drag and its dimple design on the tyre shoulders help to further raise the tyres fuel efficiency, according to Tyre Review.

Yokohama orginally launched its BluEarth brand in order to pursue environmental, human and socially friendly performances from its tyres.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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