Yokohama launch winter tyres in the UK

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By Denna Bowman

Yokohama winter tyres are available in the UK for the first time, according to Tyres and Accessories magazine.

The range of winter tyres have already been adopted by vehicle manufacturers, including Audi, Bentley, Lotus and Mercedes AMG, as winter options.

Their popularity is further endorsed by recommendations from motoring organisations around Europe.

The range is designed to provide grip and safety on snow and ice and allow drivers to maintain control in all conditions.

The (V902) has been developed specifically to deal with snow and ice conditions, providing drivers of passenger cars and SUVs with the levels of grip and safety expected from Yokohama in these most tricky of road conditions.

The tread patterns, construction and compounds have been created to provide grip on snow and ice – two very different conditions from a tyre’s point of view. The inner tread blocks provide grip on snow, while the radial grooves help to clear loose or slushy snow, enabling the tyre to contact the road directly where possible.

The design of the sipes, or smaller grooves, creates lots of edges that generate grip on ice while the larger outer tread blocks provide grip and stability on dry or wet roads.

Yokohama claims the result is a tyre that provides the driver with confidence and security throughout the winter whatever the conditions. It adds that the outperforms the company’s previous winter tyre in all respects and its low rolling resistance fits within Yokohama’s commitment to improving the environment by reducing vehicle fuel consumption.

The is available now in the UK in a range of sizes for 15 to 20-inch rim diameters, including the 16-inch run-flat option for the Mini. Prices start at £50 excluding VAT.

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