Yokohama ad campaign highlights what sets its tyres apart from rivals

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Yokohama has given its tyres the Marks and Spencer treatment in its latest advertising campaign, along the lines of “I am not just any tyre. I am a Yokohama”.

Quite rightly the campaign makes a big deal of the important roll tyres play in keeping us safe on the roads. Its message is “I am the trusty co-pilot. The moving part that moves all 2,000 parts. I am the translator who interprets the road. The permission to take the scenic route. And the guide that gets you there safely.

“I am not just any tyre. I am a Yokohama.”

The campaign message continues to stress the advantages of fitting Yokohama tyres because they are “Designed to drive better, perform harder, keep you safer, and take you further.”

The “I am Yokohama” theme is that there is more to its tyres than meets the road – which of course also applies to every tyre fitted to our vehicles, whether its a car, van, caravan, motorhome or trailer.

Yokohama must have spent a small fortune producing its slick TV commercials, made for the US market. It enlisted some of the world’s best graphic artists, animators and designers to bring a tyre to life like you’ve never seen it before.

It aims to set its tyres apart from the rivals with the message that it is the drivers “trusty co-pilot…the translator who interprets the road.”

Andrew Briggs, director of marketing and product planning for the Yokohama Tyre Company, explained: “We feel that this campaign separates us from the masses. We wanted to get people to see tyres and the technology that goes into them in a completely different way, so the campaign tells everything from the tyres perspective.”

The campaign commercials use computer-generated imagery to highlight various elements of a tyres components and design and how they interact with the vehicle to give the driver a safe, confident feel behind the wheel.

To view the commercials click here and select “6” on the left hand side of the page.

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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