Winter tyres will help motorists cope with ‘Beast from the East’

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By Denna Bowman

With temperatures set to plummet across the UK this week and snow, ice and flood warnings being issued as the ‘Beast from the East’ blasts across the country, winter tyres will be in heavy demand.

Winter tyres provide extra grip when the temperature dips below 7 degrees celsius and according to weather forecasts, Britain will shiver as icy blasts sweeping in from Siberia will send the mercury dropping as low as -7 in places.

The Met Office has issued a cold weather alert for large swathes of England, warning people of the health impact of such freezing conditions. Rated ‘amber’, the alert is only one level from the most severe warning.

etyres has produced a video about the benefits of winter tyres.

When winter sets in and temperatures drop dramatically, snow and ice on the roads makes driving much more difficult and dangerous.

Winter tyres can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents in these conditions and they also offer better performance than standard tyres when temperatures dip below 7 degrees celsius.

Regular “all season” tyres rapidly become less flexible so they lose their ability to grip the road. This dramatically increases your stopping distance, which can be very dangerous.

Winter tyres remain flexible and grip better when temperatures drop below 7 degrees celsius, because they contain a greater amount of natural rubber and silicone.

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