Winter tyres report published in Which? magazine recommends etyres

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Leading consumer magazine Which? has just published a comprehensive report on winter tyres and highlighted etyres as one of the online tyre retailers to buy from.

Which? starts its report with a vivid description of why tyres are so important. “The total area of rubber between your car and the road is about the same size as a sheet of A4 paper. Think about that for a minute. Every acceleration, steering or braking force passes through an area fractionally bigger than this magazine. That’s why tyres make a greater contribution to car safety than any other component – especially on slippery surfaces.”

The team tested winter tyres in two popular sizes to fit a range of cars.

For a 14-inch wheel suitable for city cars and superminis, the Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 secured the highest ‘Best Buy’ award with a 70% rating, with the Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 achieving 68% and the Michelin Alpin A4 attaining 66% in size 175/65 R14T.

For a 15-inch wheel likely to be used on medium and large cars, the ContiWinterContact TS850 scored 69%, while in the same 195/65 R15T size, the Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 achieved 66%.

The report also featured alternatives to winter tyres, such as snow chains, snow socks and all-season tyres.

However, the report confirms: “For the safest car in cold conditions, there’s no substitute for winter tyres. Once the mercury sinks below 7C, their flexible compound and deep tread provide more grip than regular ‘summer’ tyres, even on dry asphalt.”

The full report is available to read in the November 2014 issue of Which? magazine.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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