Why you should give very careful consideration to the tyres you buy

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Some motorists are influenced by performance, others by prestige and many more by price when it comes to buying new tyres. We always recommend our customers invest in the best brand new tyres they can afford and that they give their purchase careful consideration.

Mike Rutherford, the highly respected motoring journalist, recently wrote about the importance of buying tyres in an article for Auto Express. “Buyers think less about tyres than baby seats, airbags and braking systems,” he commented, “but they’re just as important.”

He went on to outline the implications of buying economy tyres instead of mid-range or premium tyres, and concluded: “But also invest your time in knowing the right tyre pressures, then checking and adjusting them with military-like commitment and precision. And keep reminding yourself that your valuable car never touches the road – unlike the black, round things it has perched in each corner.”

Auto Express invited readers to share their views on whether they would buy cheaper tyres for their vehicles and it prompted some really interesting responses, particularly this one from ‘nightimer’, who responded very eloquently with this reply: “When you are on the motorway, in the wet, just think what is keeping you on the road. That thought governs the amount I spend on tyres.

“We drive around in cars that cost many thousands of pounds. They are fitted with all sorts of safety features, ABS being one.
Then we shop around trying to find the cheapest rubber we can get!!

“Remember, they are the only part of your expensive car that is in contact with the road. I am not rich but I would rather invest in good tyres than a good funeral if my cheap tyres lost grip and I lost control. A bit extreme maybe but you get the idea.

“When I started driving (1967) my father said “good tyres and good brakes will look after you, a pretty paint job won’t”.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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