Why Tyron safety bands are potential life-savers

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Anyone thinking about whether it is worth fitting Tyron safety bands to their caravan or motorhome should take onboard the words of PC Mike Horn.

The Thames Valley Police office explains: “People become stranded on the hard shoulder ALL THE TIME…and that is where more people are killed or seriously injured than those on the carriageway itself.”

It is a fact that tragically each year, hundreds of people lose their lives and suffer serious injuries while stopped at the roadside or on the motorway hard shoulder.

The hard shoulder is a dangerous place and motorists should do everything possible to avoid stopping on it – which is why Tyron safety bands are potential life-savers.

Not only do Tyron safety bands prevent the wheel coming off in a blow out, they also offer temporary run-flat capabilities, which means you can stay in control of your vehicle and continue driving to where it is safe to stop.

etyres is an official supplier of Tyron safety bands and our mobile service is popular with caravan and motorhome owners who do not want the hassle of manoeuvring their vehicle into a cramped tyre depot.

Our fitters are specially trained to fit Tyron safety bands to your vehicle whether it is parked at your home or storage yard.

etyres also supply and fit a wide range of tyres at highly competitive prices to suit all caravans, motorhomes and trailers.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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