Why making sure caravan tyres are inflated is important

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By Denna Bowman

Caravan tyres are the vehicles only point of contact with the road so their condition plays a vital role in the maintaining its safety.

Incorrect pressure can affect the vehicles handling and cause damage to the caravan tyres.

Caravantalk.co.uk has created a guide to ensuring caravan tyres are properly inflated, especially before a long journey.

It advises vehicle owners to check the pressure of their caravan tyres with an accurate pressure gauge before every journey and if possible with cold tyres. Higher temperatures will cause the air pressure to increase, so adjusting the pressure on warm tyres could mean that when they cool down the pressure drops below the safe threshold.

Caravantalk.co.uk also urges owners to check their caravan tyres if their vehicle has not been used for a while. It also urges owners to look for signs of wear or deterioration.

They are many advantages to keeping tyres at the correct pressure. As well as safety ramifications, properly inflated caravan tyres can save vehicle owners money in the long run.

Low pressure can cause caravan tyres to wear more quickly, which means they will need replacing more frequently.

Properly inflated caravan tyres will also wear down evenly and provide less resistance on the road, which will make the vehicle more fuel efficient and save owners pounds at the pumps.

Well maintained tyres will also be able to carry heavier loads and cope better with higher temperatures, Caravantalk.co.uk points out adding: “Both useful qualities if you’re going on long holidays to hotter climates.”

To read the full report go to http://www.caravantalk.co.uk/caravan-advice/tyres/check-caravan-tyre-pressure.

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