Which? recommend motorists check their tyres are properly inflated to help save cash at the pumps

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Filling up at the pumps can be one of the biggest drains on the weekly budget, but there are ways you can make your vehicle more fuel efficient, including making sure your tyres are properly inflated.

Consumer experts Which? have published a great feature outlining a few tips you can implement to help you save pounds at the pumps, such as:

Check the pressure of your tyres
Make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure – as stated in the car’s handbook (or often on a sticker on the driver’s door pillar). Under-inflated tyres can significantly reduce your car’s fuel economy.

Under-inflated tyres can also affect handling and grip, potentially altering the cars behaviour on the road. Also be aware that if you are using your car to transport additional loads, such as presents or passengers, you must take that into account and ensure that your tyres are correctly adjusted for the fully laden vehicle state. Details of the correct pressures can be found in the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook, inside the fuel filler cap or on the driver’s door sill.

Other Which? tips to make your vehicle more fuel efficient include:

Plan ahead
Hone your observation and anticipation skills. Plan routes before travelling and keep a close eye on the road ahead to avoid stopping unnecessarily when approaching lights or roundabouts.

Smooth driving
Accelerate smoothly and minimise the number of gear changes. Ease off the gas where possible to lower fuel consumption and use the highest gear available – but without labouring the engine. It should help if you keep the revs between 1,500 and 2,500rpm (petrol engine) and 1,200 and 2,000rpm (diesel engine).

Clean out your car
The weight of unnecessary junk in your car makes your engine work harder.

These simple adjustments to your driving style and tyres maintenance will help to make your vehicle more fuel efficient and prolong the life of your tyres, because they will wear more evenly, saving you even more cash in the long run.

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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