When it comes to tyres, would you choose looks over comfort?

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If you had to make a choice, what would you go for style or comfort? We are of course talking tyres here!

It is a subject many of our etyres customers talk to us about. So we were interested to read the opinion of motoring expert Honest John, when he tackled the issue in the Cars section of this weekends Daily Telegraph.

AA from Warwick posed this question: “I drive a Skoda Superb Elegance, and swapped the original wheels for some of smaller diameter, which has improved the ride comfort no end. Why does Skoda fit such large rims as standard?”

To which highly respected motoring expert Honest John replied: “Mostly for looks. In some cases larger wheels can also give a bit more grip than deep profile tyres, but at the expense of comfort, tyre life, cost of replacement and vulnerability to potholes. Not a very good deal, really.”

So when it comes to tyres, size really does matter.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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