Vettel storms to fourth world champion title with two-stop tyres strategy in India

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Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel has become the youngest-ever four-time world champion at the Indian Grand Prix after opting for a winning two-stop tyres strategy.

Vettel is the fourth person in history to achieve four titles – three of them won on Pirelli tyres – with the team celebrating their fourth consecutive double championship.

The German racer clinched victory with a two-stop tyres strategy, starting on the P Zero Yellow soft tyres and then completing two stints on the P Zero White medium tyres. His success also means that Vettel has now won all three Indian Grands Prix held so far.

Paul Hembery, motorsport director for Pirelli tyres, commented after the race: “With a notable lap time difference between the two compounds, strategy was at the forefront of this action-packed Indian Grand Prix. We saw some very different approaches being taken all the way down the grid, which was roughly split between drivers starting on the soft and the medium tyre. We also saw many teams split their strategies between both cars, in order to cover every possibility. Sebastian Vettel’s early pit stop meant that he was able to undercut his direct rivals on the same strategy, but Webber was able to gain track position by staying out longer: which basically summed up how the different tactics worked. However, we are disappointed to see that some teams went against our recommendations and used the compounds for longer than we advised them to do. Most of all though, congratulations to Sebastian and Red Bull for their fourth consecutive double championship: a testament to their astounding capabilities in every area all year, including their skills at using the tyres and strategy to gain an advantage.”

Alex Kapadia, Operations Team

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