Van drivers best at tyres maintenance

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Van drivers know more about tyres than any other road user, according to a new study.

A survey of 1,500 motorists, by van insurance retailer Swinton Commercial, found that 97% of van drivers knew how to change their tyres compared to just 76% of car drivers.

It also revealed that 81% knew the correct tyre pressure compared to just 20% of car drivers.

Swinton advises all drivers to have enough basic knowledge to:

1. Fill tyres to correct pressure
2. Change a tyre
3. Top up oil
4. Top up water
5. Replace a windscreen wiper

Phil Moss, Commercial Vehicle Manager at Swinton, said: “All drivers should have at least basic knowledge of their vehicles and should not rely on other people to carry out maintenance work, such as filling up tyres and topping up oil, to avoid unnecessary claims which can lead to an increase in insurance premiums.”

Making sure tyres are properly inflated is quick and easy to do and the correct pressure is important both for safety and for a long tyre life.

For those of you not sure how to do it follow this simple guide:

Tyre pressures should be checked at least once a month when the tyres are cold (tyres not having run for at least 2 hours, or having run for less than 2 miles at low speed).

Find the correct pressure in the vehicle handbook or on the panel inside the drivers door jam.

If you don’t own a tyre pressure gauge, don’t worry, most garages offer free air pumps.

Alex Kapadia, Operations Team

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