UK tyres exhibition plays role in launching environmental campaign

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By Oliver Hall

The UK’s leading tyres industry exhibition will be used as a platform to promote an important environmental campaign.

The Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Northern Ireland Environment Agency have joined forces to develop new legislation affecting the tyres industry.

And they have chosen the Brityrex exhibition as a major platform for the campaign which aims to raise awareness about the new legislation covering the chemical make-up of tyres and retread rubber, according to the leading industry publication and event sponsor Tyres and Accessories.

It states that with effect from the beginning of January this year new European REACH legislation dictates that extender oils shall not be placed on the market, or used for the production of tyres or parts of tyres if they contain more than the threshold limits of PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon). The restrictions also apply to the marketing of tyres and treads for retreading.

Some PAHs can be extremely toxic when released into the environment, for example by being deposited on road surfaces during use. Both European manufacturers, importers and retailers need to comply with the new ruling; anyone found to be selling tyres containing PAHs above the restricted levels could be faced with enforcement proceedings.

One of the problems for retailers and wholesalers will be that there is no visual test to determine the presence of PAH, which means they will need to be absolutely confident that their tyre suppliers are aware of and meeting the tighter standard.

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