Tyron safety bands provide run-flat ability

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By Denna Bowman

Tyron safety bands provide extra peace of mind on the road for caravan and motorhome owners, according to Caravan Talk.

According to the website: “Tyron safety bands work by filling the well on the wheel rim. This well is needed for the removal and replacement of tyres and the band is designed to keep the tyre on the rim should you suffer a puncture. They provide a run-flat ability, preventing the wheel from touching the road and allowing you to drive safely to a stop.”

Caravan Talk also advises: “You should keep hold of the Allen key for your safety band as well as the instructions, as this will outline how to remove and replace bands when changing tyres.

“It’s important to follow these instructions to prevent damage to your tyres. Wheels fitted with Tyron safety bands should be marked with safety wheel identification stickers. These are usually not much more than a red dot but will be recognised by tyre fitters.”

Tyron safety bands are a British invention originally designed for, and used by, the military. This simple upgrade can be fitted to existing wheels and ensures limited run-flat capability and control in the event of a puncture or blow-out.

etyres offer a convenient mobile service supplying and fitting Tyron safety bands at the customers home or the vehicles storage site.

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