Tyres Warning for Bank Holiday Motorists

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If you are heading out on the roads this Bank Holiday weekend you could enjoy a safer, cheaper and greener journey just by checking the air pressure in your tyres.

Making sure your car tyres are properly inflated only takes a few minutes and yet it could reduce the chances of a blow-out or puncture, cut the cost of filling up at the pumps and reduce your carbon emissions.

So, here’s our simple guide to checking your tyres pressure.

1. First check your vehicle handbook to find out what the recommended pressure is for your vehicle.

2. Unscrew the tyre valve cap – these are usually place and twist off by hand.

3. Insert the gauge into the valve and check the pressure on the gauge display. If it’s above or below the recommended pressure, it needs adjusting.

4. Use an electric tyre pump to fill to the correct level. These can be found at most petrol stations.

Finally, another tip to ensure you get the most out of your tank of fuel and reduce your CO2 emissions is to de-clutter your car. If you don’t need it, take it off the roof and out of the boot, because extra weight means more fuel consumption.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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