Tyres safety month for bikers revving up for launch

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By Oliver Hall

A nationwide campaign to promote tyres safety awareness among motorcycle riders is gearing up for an April launch.

The campaign, which is being organised by leading tyres safety action group, TyreSafe, aims to drive home the message about the importance of correct tyre care and maintenance at this critical time in the motorcycling season.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said: “During April many riders will take their bikes out on their first ride of the year.

“After several months of being stood still, it is vitally important that these riders have their tyres’ condition, pressure and tread depth checked properly to ensure they remain safe on the road.”

During the winter season, tyres fitted to bikes that have not been stored properly may suffer from damage such as cracking or rubber deterioration, making them potentially unsafe or illegal.

Additionally, pressures may have dropped to dangerously low levels and if left uncorrected, will significantly increase the likelihood of suffering from a dangerous blowout at potentially high speeds.

April showers and the resulting wet roads also mean that bikers should have adequate tread depth on their tyres to remove water from the road surface in order to maintain good levels of grip.

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