Tyres safety group issues update to caravan owners

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By Denna Bowman

Caravan owners are being urged to follow revised safety guidelines regarding axle load and tyre inflation pressure tables, by the UK’s leading tyres safety organisation.

TyreSafe has issued an update to its popular caravan tyre safety leaflet following technical discussions between the tyres industry and caravan manufacturers in relation to the industry’s ongoing recommendation that the maximum vehicle load should not exceed 90% of the combined tyre load capacity, as indicated by load index.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, explained: “With the high levels of stress placed on caravan tyres, it is essential that owners inflate their tyres to the correct pressures, but also make sure they do not overload them.

“We have been working closely with the caravan industry, who fully support our recommendations, and the revised leaflet now accurately reflects this advice.”

The new leaflet provides simplified and updated load and inflation pressure tables, making it easier for owners to see both the maximum recommended and maximum permissible axle loads for their particular tyre size and specification. By adhering to the maximum recommended load, owners can be safe in the knowledge that they have a minimum 10% safety margin in respect of the tyres’ load index.

Jackson added: “As the weather improves and many caravan owners start to use their vehicles more regularly, it’s important for their safety and that of other road users, that they ensure their tyres are in a safe, roadworthy condition.”

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