Tyres Obligatory

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The European Commission has introduced a new range of safety and environmental requirements designed to improve road safety while lessening the environmental impact of motoring.

As from 2012 Low Rolling Resistance tyres will become obligatory. At the same time new, stringent safety requirements are to be introduced. Amongst the basket of new requirements is the decision to make Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems obligatory. This will impact on both the safety and environmental aspects of motoring. Under-inflated tyres can cause a 4 percent increase in fuel consumption and reduce a tyres lifespan by up to 45 percent. The use of Low Rolling Resistance tyres has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by a further 3 percent. With fuel prices rising inexorably, this should be a welcome development for all motorists.

European Commission vice-president Gunter Verheugen said: “We are simplifying legislation. We are improving road safety. We are promoting fuel efficiency. We are presenting a modern integrated policy approach beneficiary for citizens, for the environment and the industry.”

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