Tyres Maker Creates Eco-Friendly SUV

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By Oliver Hall

Kumho tyres claims it has developed the SUV of the future with a clear environmental conscience.

The South Korean company, which produces millions of tyres for today’s SUVs, employed the skills of in-house designer Rob Dolton to demonstrate what tomorrow’s SUVs could be like.

They created a vehicle it has dubbed ‘Fortis’, according to a report on  TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk.

Fortis combines the aggressive stance of an SUV with fresh aesthetic touches including light clusters that take their influence from Korean glass sculpture.

It has a number of contemporary features including its bumper sections, doors, front wings and rear hatch which are manufactured by recycled tyre rubber.

The drivetrain consists of four 100hp chassis-mounted motors, one to power each wheel. This system provides off-road traction, ESP and hill descent with easy transitions between four wheel drive, two wheel drive, front wheel drive and rear wheel drive.

There are a number of environmental features in the car including a regenerative braking system and a lithium-ion battery pack that can be recharged at home or exchanged for a new one on longer journeys.

Of course, the Fortis design also features revolutionary tyre technology from Kumho. The tyres feature metal biters in their tread that optimise off-road performance.

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