Tyres Aging Bill Moves Step Closer to Becoming Law in California

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By Denna Bowman

A bill that would require tyres dealers to provide tyre age information on sales receipts has been passed by a one-vote margin by the California Assembly.

Dealers that don’t provide age information on every one of the tyres that they sell would face a fine of $250 for each violation, the bill states.

Also, tyre buyers who don’t receive tyre age information have the explicit right under the bill to bring a civil action against the dealer.

Sean Kane, president of Safety Research and Strategies which sponsored the bill, said it would provide safety benefits on two fronts.

He said: “The bill will provide tyre buyers with information that is already out there, but that usually gets buried.

“It also will help educate tyre dealers because we find many of them aren’t given the information and training they need on the effects of tyre aging.

“Eventually this will change how tyre aging is treated. The public gets to decide what is an acceptable level of risk.”

The bill is duel to be introduced in the California Senate in a few days. The deadline for bills passed in the California Assembly to be transferred to the Senate is 5th June.

The bill passed by a 41-28 vote in the 80-member assembly, meaning 41 votes is the least a bill can receive and still pass.

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